October 31, 2007


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I used to dress up every year for halloween. I would usually go for classic monsters. I’ve been a witch, ghost, vampire, werewolf and bride of Frankenstein. Then one year I didn’t have an idea in time to get anything together and the whole thing just sort of fizzled out. I made a couple of lame efforts – wearing my SCA  garb for instance – but nothing at all the last few years. I’ve lost my halloween mojo. So sad.

Halloween was always one of my favorites as a child. You got to dress up as anything you wanted and go run around the neighborhood at night collecting tons of candy. I grew up in southern California so the weather was always perfect even at the end of October. One of the other things Halloween had going for it was the lack of visiting relatives. We didn’t have to watch our manners or be relegated to the kid’s table at dinner. Halloween was nothing but fun and too much candy – and scary stuff. Can’t forget the scary stuff.

I’m not a big fan of the modern slasher films but old fashioned spooky stuff is great fun. I remember racing home from school so that I could get my homework done by 4pm. We had to finish our homework before we could watch TV and Dark Shadows came on at 4. I never missed it. It was one of the few shows my brother and I never argued about.

So what does all this have to do with knitting? Not a thing, I’m just meandering a bit.

On the knitting front, I’ve started the collar for my Capecho.

It won’t be long before I can wear it. I’m looking forward to adding this to my wardrobe. I’ve been almost monogamous with this project, just the occasional fling here and there, like finishing chart A of the Mystic Waters shawl:

I didn’t manage to finish the first clue, darn it, but at least it looks more like something than the previous photo.

Here it is the last day of Socktober and I have almost nothing to show for it. I did finish the Xmas stockings which are nearly socks but I started them at the end of August and worked on them through September. I probably spent about a day and half of Socktober working on them and most of that was embroidery not knitting. I did get some new sock yarn and a sock book or two and just last night I started a sock with some of the new yarn and one of the books. When I say started though, I mean just started see:

I’m using the Sockotta that I got from Romancing the Yarn and some Jawoll Cotton from my stash to make the Clematis Socks from New Pathways for Sock Knitters. There are several sock patterns in this book that I intend to make or adapt and this is one  of my favorites. I’ve been resisting ever since I got the book but I finally broke last night. It’s crazy. I’ve already got four other pairs of socks on the needles. I didn’t need to make it five, really. I’m weak.


October 7, 2007

Xmas stockings are like socks

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I hope so, because Socktober just started and this is what I was finishing up:

They’re all knit now. I spent a good portion of Friday sewing beads and sequins on to the motifs – ’cause it ain’t Christmas if it isn’t at least a little tacky. On Saturday I started duplicate stitching the names, putting in all the yarn ends, seaming and adding crochet chain hanging loops. I’ve got one left to do. As soon as I finish it this project can be sent off to the customer with plenty of time left before Christmas too.

Since it is Socktober (I’ll grab any excuse, just watch me) I bought some more sock yarn yesterday.

Those are all Prism Yarns Saki. The colors are (clockwise from top left) Garden, Embers, Jelly Bean and Carnation. The Embers and Carnation are tone-on-tone enough to take some pretty significant pattern stitches. Knowing me, they’ll end up lacy. The other two color will be best as simple socks though the Jelly Bean is arguing that it’d look great in feather and fan. The Garden may just end up in a basic ribbed sock. I don’t want anything to interfere with it’s gorgeous, heathery colors.

Sarah said:

Gorgeous wheel! Definitely worth a few bruises. I do like those Carolina Homespun people, I always buy some fiber from them at Stitches.

You’re right about it being worth it! I’ve spent an hour or two every day spinning. The first day I didn’t produce anything worth keeping but since then I’ve been filling up bobbins. I finished up the second bobbin last night. Tonight I’m going to try to ply for the first time. Wish me luck.

I’m itching to move on to the Merino/Tencel roving I bought last week but I don’t want to waste it. If I manage a passable job of plying the BFL I may just have to jump in. I’ve already got plans about what I’ll knit with it when it is spun up. Nothing like putting the cart before the horse, eh?

No new photo, ’cause it really doesn’t look all that different yet, but I’m continuing to work on my Tweedy Cashmere Capecho. I’m on Pentagon number 5. There are 7 in the first row, I’ll take another picture when those are done. The last couple of mornings have been a bit chilly which is great encouragement to keep knitting. I’m toying with making mine with long sleeves. My torso doesn’t get cold nearly as quickly as my arms do. That would be why I have a pretty good collection of arm warmers and plans to add more to the pile. I think that long sleeves would make the Capecho a lot more useful to me. Plus, more soft cashmere blend on my arms where I’ll be able to appreciate it – not a bad thing 😉

Off to think more about what I’m going to knit from all the yarn I haven’t made yet…