Sunshine String Bag

A quick knit the uses a small amount of yarn and  you can avoid using some of those plastic shopping bags (if you remember to bring it with you – my usual failing).


The pattern (in pdf format) can be downloaded HERE.



  1. marie terrell said,

    this bag pattern appears to have a more comfortable handle and doesnt stretch out too much. I cant wait to work it up. Thank you.

  2. cam said,

    I adore this pattern! I’ve made three of these in the last couple days and am currently working on #4. Using some white cotton from a recycled thrift store sweater. The style and capacity of this bag is nearly identical to the grocery store plastic bags. (Other patterns are either too big, too small, too stretchy, etc.) I think I’ll whip out a bunch of these for family and friends as Christmas gifts. Thanks!

  3. Dodie said,

    This looks like a great pattern. I have lots of cotton yarns so will be busy making several of these for Christmas. Thanks for making this a free pattern. It really is good looking.

  4. Madelyn Madsen said,

    I really like your sunshine bag, but I cannot get the PDF copy of the pattern to open, Whenever I click on the “HERE” button, the screen freezes. I did get one quick look at the pattern the first time I visited your site, but when I tried to print it, the pattern vanished, and I have not been able to open it since. Do you know how I can get to the directions? I have tried typing in your URL, using links from other pages, etc, but nothing works. Thanks for your help.

  5. margy-c said,

    Good on you for making this patt available for free. I’m going to make them for everyone for xmas too – much better than more useless landfill – a reusable environmentally string bag!!

  6. Ellen said,

    I just returned from some shopping and I used two of my SSB’s. I was reflecting on how much I liked them and how many I have made and how I never left a thank-you… here it is! Thank you for your pattern.Welll designed and fun and sturdy! I have made about eight and will probably make more for gifts in the future.
    Thank you !

  7. Barbara said,

    I’ve been making these bags for over a year and they are great. I use inexpensive Peaches & Cream yarn from Wal-Mart, sold in cones. I’ve given them as gifts and people love them. With all the stories about “bacteria” in the bottom of plastic bags people bring to stores, having bags that can be washed in a machine really makes sense.

  8. Would love to pin this if you had a button!

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