Charted Designs

This page is where I’ll put links to any charts which aren’t part of finished patterns but which some might find useful.

To start with – since more than one person has come to my page searching for a San Jose Sharks knitting pattern. Here’s a smallish chart of their new logo for you.


Click on the thumbnail to get the fullsize version in a new window.

As promised, here are the charts for that I used for the custom Christmas stockings. The stockings were knit from the cuff down so the charts are upside down. If you use them for something else (or do toe up stockings) just flip them over. The sequins, beads and bits of embroidery are not on the charts – refer to the pictures for those details.

As with the sharks logo, click on the thumbnail image to get to the fullsize version.

This is my favorite use of beads. The teardrop sequin in the center of the flame was trimmed down from a larger sequin with a pair of scissors.

The white of the eye could be duplicate stitched but I knit it in. The red sequins on the nose are what makes this Rudolph.

There are a few clear, silver-lined beads hidden in the angora fluff. This is my favorite.

This is almost identical to the chart from the 1945 Christmas Stocking  pattern. I just doubled the center line to center the design on an even number of stitches.

I think these looked better without the beads but I wanted them to all have a bit of bling. This is also the hardest chart – lots of little bits of yarn or lots of stuff carried on the wrong side.

His arms were embroidered using chain stitch. The features and buttons are sequins and beads.



  1. […] already set up a page in the free patterns section for charted designs. It’s even got a chart on it (couldn’t […]

  2. Evelyn said,

    thank-you so much, my 5 yr.old grandson has recently decided he needed his own team to cheer for and not share his dads or pops,so
    I’ve been desperately searching for this chart to put into his new toque
    for school he’ll be so excited!
    thanks again and I can’t wait to see more charts.

  3. Wendy Mollentze said,

    Can you help me with rugby shark logo on diagram

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