September 10, 2008

I’m in good company

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Last time I promised to talk about the Ravelypics and Yarnsmackdown but first I’ve got some important business to take care of.

A friend of mine recently co-authored a knitting book and I was very flattered to be asked if I would be a stop on their virtual book tour. I was even more flattered when I found out who else was on the list. I’m in some pretty impressive company. Want to know more? Okay then… First the book

The book is Casual Elegant Knits by Faina Goberstein and Dawn Leeseman. The book is full of clear pictures – with multiple shots of each item. The patterns seem timeless and very knittable. There are a lot of interesting little details that take the finished projects to a different level. Check it out. And while you’re checking it out, be sure and check out the rest of the blog tour:

Sept 4 ColorJoy
Sept 5 Go Knit In Your Hat
Sept 6 FitterKnitter
Sept 7 Amy Polcyn
Sept 8 Connie Chang
Sept 9 Marie Grace
Sept 10 Susan Lawrence/KnittingasfastasIcan
Sept 11 Marnie McLean
Sept 12 Tikru
Sept 13 Terry Ross
Sept 14 ADKD
Sept 15 Donna Druchunas
Sept 16 Jennifer of Pieknits
Sept 17 Kristi Porter
Seept 18 Joanne Seiff
Sept 19 Simona Merchant-Dest


I guess that means I have to post on Sunday the 14th, huh?


So, still here or did you wander off into the blog tour? Just in case you are still reading I better keep my promise and talk about last months projects.


First off I signed up for Yarnsmackdown back in July. This is another last knitter standing competition. Unlike most of the others though, this one had a bunch of different categories. You could compete seperately in any or all of the categories. Originally I only entered the bookmark competition since the finished items could be mailed in an ordinary envelope. As time went on though a new category was announced and I just had to sign up for the “Goofy” category. Eventually it was finally announce that the goofy category was a food fight. We had to knit toast – basically a four inch square in any design we wanted with worsted or finer yarn. Being goofy myself I decided to knit toast with intarsia jam:

Food Fight


As I think you can see, the jam is a seedy berry flavor and the toast is a nice whole wheat. 🙂


I mailed my toast to my target the same day my toast of doom arrived. There was an option to keep playing – as a zombie – but I decided I had enough other stuff to do and I’d had my fun. I did last a little longer in the bookmark category. I still only racked up one kill but I was alive for another week or so. I could have easily knit several more bookmarks in that time but so could everyone else. Knitters were dropping like flies. There were so many kills in those first few weeks that it took a long time to figure out who was still alive and who the next target was. We had a few different patterns we could choose from. I picked this one:



So that was it for me at least in Yarnsmackdown.


Ravelypics was a Ravelry based group. Again lots of events with tongue in cheek names. I have so many projects already on the go that I didn’t want to start something new. I decided to sign up for WIP Wrestling in hopes that some of my long languishing UFOs would finally become FOs. It even worked on a couple items. Here’s the only one I completely finished during the Olympics:

ZigZag - finished


The pattern is Zigzag from Knitty. The yarn is Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed DK in Granary. I stuck with some of the other UFOs and finished another (it needs a small amount of seaming and a bit of felting). I’m coming close to finishing up two more. I’ll post details about those when I’ve got pictures.


That’s it for now – see you Sunday!




  1. Gretchen said,

    The book looks good, as do your projects. The toast made me laugh. Will you use it as a coaster for your tea or coffee cup?

  2. […] And that’s it. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog tour. I posted the full schedule over here. […]

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