August 19, 2008

Well That Worked

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See how well I did with the posting more often?  I usually post on my break at work which is fine except that lately I’ve been too busy. By the time I take a break, if I do at all, I’m to fried to think.

There’s been plenty to talk about too. I got killed in the current round of Death by Socks. It was a very colorful death, I couldn’t be more pleased.

One of my assassins (it took two to do me in) included one of those cute mini sock blocker keychain kits. I haven’t knit a sock for it yet but trust me, I will.

Back in mid July I went to Dixon’s Lambtown festival with a friend. It’s a one day mini fiber fair. There were sheepdog trials:
dog trials1
dog trials12

hair sheep

Sheep shearing:

And a fiber hall were I may have done a little damage to the wallet. I also may have talked my friend into picking up a drop spindle and some wool. You already knew I was an enabler, right?

Also in July I signed up for the Yarnsmackdown and the Ravelypics. I think I’ll save the details for another post though since I’ve already got a lot of pictures in this one. I won’t even promise when the next post will be but I hope it’s soon.