May 8, 2008

Nothin’ to See

Posted in knitting at 10:52 am by nephele

I haven’t got any pictures. Sorry.

In my defense I just finished a project and I took pictures of it but it’s a prototype that’s being submitted for publication so I can’t show you any of those pictures.

That doesn’t excuse the total lack of pictures of my current project. It’s a shop sample of a published design so I could post as many pictures of it that I want. If only I’d taken some.

I’m making the skirt from the cover of Folk Style. It’s knit in six panels and I’m already on number 4. The leaves and flowers are done by knitting rectangles of wool in each color, felting them and cutting out the shapes. These then get sewn on to the panels around chain stitch embroidered stems. So while I’m about halfway through the knitting I’ve still got a long way to go before the skirt is finished. Plenty of time left to take some pictures.

I’ve had to modify the pattern a little. I’m using a different base yarn with a different gauge so I had to do a little math to adjust the shaping instructions. Another change I made was to do a knitted in hem on the skirt panels. The pattern has you assemble the skirt then pick up stitches to knit the hem which is finally sewn down. I will be doing that as instructed for the waistband since it will cut down on a little unnecessary seam bulk there but since this is a flared skirt it all seemed like a lot of effort for very little return at the hem end of things.

The final modification was to move the decrease stitches away from the panel edges by one more stitch. If you look closely at the pictures in the book you’ll see that the seams look a little sloppy. Moving the shaping allows for a better working space for neat seams. The different yarn that I’m using should also seam more cleanly than the loosely spun alpaca that was used in the original.

So, yup. That’s about it. I’ve got a small knitting project that I need to do but I have to get yarn for it first. I checked my stash but didn’t find anything that was perfect – though I do have one thing that’s close and I’ll use it if I can find the perfect thing this weekend. It’s for a little gift exchange thingie I signed up for called Words and Bookmark Swap. I picked up a book for my exchange partner yesterday and based on the book I know exactly what I want to do for the bookmark. Just need that yarn…

I’m hoping to finish my Mystic Light shawl this month but since I haven’t actually worked on it the last two weeks I’m not sure how likely that is. Oh, and my mom’s birthday is the end of the month. I’ve already made her a scarf out of my handspun, which she knows nothing about. She asked for a small dresser scarf to match a doily I made her a couple of years ago. I still have some of the yarn I used for the doily – it should be enough. I need to get to work on that so I can get it mailed out to her in time.

Plenty to work on and who knows? Maybe next time I’ll actually have some pictures.



  1. Gretchen said,

    I’ve always liked that Folk Style skirt, and your modifications sound like the right way to go. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  2. Gretchen said,

    PS: what yarn are you using for the skirt?

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