January 14, 2008

It’s Fyne-ished

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Yes, I know – groan. But what’s a girl to do. A knitting blog without at least the occasional bad pun is hard to find. They seem to go together. Based on family history, I’m genetically predisposed toward bad puns anyway. I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA.

As you may have guessed the Fyne vest it done or done-ish anyway. I still have some yarn ends to deal with and it could do with a light blocking but it’s all knit and seamed.

Since this is a shop sample the only change to the written pattern was a color substitution. There wasn’t any of the Camel (#157) in stock, so I used Gilt (#160) for the main body color. That change made the finished vest a touch more vibrant.

I’m now working on redrawing the charts in colors I picked for my cardigan version – no yellows and fewer greens. Don’t get me wrong, I like yellow and green they just don’t like me back. I’m half Portuguese (half English) and that gave me a somewhat pale olive skin tone. If I wear much in the way of yellow or green I look yellowish green. Not something to shoot for unless I want to convince people I’m sick. So my cardigan will have a pale violet ground with blue, purple, pink, brown and 1 green shade, in stranding. I’m keeping the purple ribbing since it works well with my changed palette and I like purple.

I haven’t gotten too much else done that I can show you. I got interrupted last week by a rush job for Wilma (the designer I knit for). This last weekend was the TNNA trade show. These shows are where Wilma submits most of her design ideas to the publishers and magazines. She’s one of those people who works best under pressure and she often comes up with ideas at the last minute. She has at least learned that she doesn’t have to have the entire garment done to show people – a good thing since the last minute idea this time was a dress. All she needed from me was a large swatch to show the colors and stitch pattern. I got it done in plenty of time but it took a couple of days out of my own knitting schedule.

Oblique  has grown a bit but it’s been the fallback project. It’s the thing I work on when the other stuff isn’t convenient. Still, a couple more inches and I’ll be starting the armhole shaping. I suspect that the closer it gets to being done the more I’ll work on it. I love the yarn and pattern, it’s just that I love everything else too. This is the project that gets bumped every time something time sensitive comes along.

Speaking of time sensitive, round three of Death by Socks  starts tomorrow. I’ve already been in contact with my victim and my assassin. It’s shaping up to be a fun round. I started a simple ribbed sock to warm up my fingers for the coming mayhem. There’s no way I’ll finish it before I need to start the killer socks tomorrow but I’ve got more needles so it’s not a problem.

The yarn is Claudia Handpaints in Chocolate Cherries – and people wonder why we describe yarns as yummy. I think these socks will nicely compliment my Leaf  cardigan (which I’ve finally started working on again). If all goes well, perhaps I’ll wear them at Stitches West next month.


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  1. Gretchen said,

    The colors of all these projects are glorious. I think your choice of “Gilt” improves greatly on camel. Looking forward to seeing your own coloration of Fyne.

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