December 11, 2007

It must be the season

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Because I can’t think of any other reason why I haven’t been posting, except that I haven’t been taking any pictures. I do tend to write posts around my photos, don’t I? Then again this is a knitting blog, pictures help.

I’ve been knitting plenty. I finished the second sock for my brother over the weekend. That’s the last bit of Christmas knitting I needed to get done. I’ve decided to save the hand-spinning and knitting of the Merino/Tencel for my mother as a birthday present. That gives me until the end of May – plenty of time, no stress needed. I’m too new at spinning to try to work under a stringent deadline. I bought a mom a pair of earrings and a bracelet instead. I’ll have Elijah wearing them when I wrap him up.

 Oh, speaking of Elijah… Ysolda has put up the voting for the Elijah adventure pictures. You can vote here. I’d like it if you voted for me of course. I’m not dead last, but I’m not winning either.
Elijah is drowning his sorrows for the poor showing so far in this contest.

I’ve started two new projects. One is from the fall Knitty surprise, the Obliquecardigan. I’m using the Daikeito Diarufuran I bought about a month ago. Hey! I’ve got a picture of the yarn at least. Here it is:
Diakeito Diarufran

Diarufuran is a self striping yarn but the stitch patterns in Oblique keep it from being too aggressive. This is all to the good. I don’t need a lot of strong horizontal stripes on anything I’m planning to wear. I do like the stripey yarns though. I bought a bunch of Noro Silk Garden in color 84 and a couple of hanks of Noro Silver Thaw in color 05 recently. The Silk Garden is going to be a Tilted Duster (with tilted stripes) and the Silver Thaw is going into some more arm warmers (stripes be damned, they’re just arm warmers). I’ve already started the arm warmers, they’re the second of the new projects I mentioned.

I wear my arm warmers a lot. Most of the ones I’ve made so far go up just to the elbow. Since my coat and warmest sweaters all have big sleeves the arm warmers help fill the gap left by my, typically, short-sleeved tops. The trouble is they don’t stay up. It’s just the shape of my arms combined with my silly tendency to move them around. They slide down and end up only covering about half my fore-arm. The new ones I’m making are going up past the elbows. Hopefully they’ll stay up better that way. I’ll let you know if that works. I’m taking notes so I can write up the pattern too. A lot of people find my blog by searching for arm warmer patterns so I don’t think it’ll hurt anything if I put up another pattern for them, right?

I will try to get some photos taken for next time, no promises though. It’s the season.