November 19, 2007

Elijah’s ready for adventures

Posted in knitting tagged at 9:36 am by nephele

I worked away over the weekend and the results are in:

He’s just too cute. I’m definitely going to have to make another one for myself. I may make another pink Elijah to save for future gifting since I’ll only need one more ball of yarn for that. See how far I got with just one ball:

Three balls of the King George will make 2 Elijahs easily. Perhaps I’ll get three balls of the green so I can make my Elijah and have another spare handy. I have another idea about what to do with the green yarn and the Elijah pattern but I think I’ll wait until I do it to tell you about it.

This was a fun knit. Some of the parts are a bit fiddly because you’re knitting on an already stuffed critter but the end result is worth it. I admit it would probably have been easier to use DPNS to knit the arms and legs but I gave all mine away years ago. Magic looping the beginnings of the limbs was definitely tricky. The way he’s worked though means that the closest thing to a seam in the entire pattern is some grafting on the ears.

Short post today,  I just wanted to get the finished Elijah picture up.



  1. Gretchen said,

    Excellent! Not only cute, but elegant knitting.

  2. Sarah said,

    Aww, he is too cute!

  3. Patri said,

    Hi, my name is Patricia and I`m from Argentina.
    Sorry by my bad english…
    If you can understan something of spanish i write this: Hola mi nombre es Patricia, vivo en Argentina y tengo 18 años y me gustaría si me podés pasar el molde del elefante Elijah es precioso…
    Desde ya muchas gracias!

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