November 14, 2007

Elijah gets a leg up.

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Yes I am probably going to title every Elijah post with something a  bit ‘pun’ishing. Deal with it. 😉


So, Elijah is now a mono-pod but you can see I’ve at least started the second leg. I’ll should finish that tonight and get started on an arm. Toy animal proportions being strange, his arms are actually a little bigger than his legs. Still, 1 leg, 2 arms and 2 ears are all that’s left to do. I’m still on track for finishing this week.

I spent a little time with my spinning wheel last night as well. I’ve made a start on the Merino/Tencel roving I got from Spincerely. This is the stuff I want to use to make a scarf for my mother for (hopefully) Christmas.

The photos were taken at night, sorry but that’s all I’ve got right now. I leave for work at dawn and come home after sunset. Anyway, the flash photo actually does a pretty good job of showing the correct color (and the shine of the Tencel). I included the non-flash picture because you can see the way the yarn appears to barber-pole even in a single ply. Pretty stuff, it’s mostly mossy greens with just a touch of pale violet.

This blend is proving a bit tricky for my neophyte skills. The slipperiness of the Tencel makes drafting really easy, too easy. I had to slow down and spin thicker than I wanted in order to keep from spinning so thin that I end up with nothing between my fingers. The first couple of yards on this bobbin have lots of breaks in the single. I’m getting a little more consistent now. I probably get it down just in time to do the last few yards. At least when I get to the flame colored stuff Sarah gave me I should be doing a bit better.

I heard back from my brother on his shoe size so now I have no excuse for not getting started on his socks. I’ll probably finish Elijah first though. Then I’ll rummage through the sock yarn stash and decide what I want to use. I’ve got a tentative decision already but I want to double check what I’ve got before making a final choice. I don’t think I’ll have time to get to another yarn shop and my local doesn’t have much sock yarn in stock at the moment so stash it is.

Luckily for me my Christmas list is very small. I come from branches of family that alienated each other before I was born. As a consequence I don’t have much of an extended family. Currently the list is: my mother, my aunt, my brother and his wife. My aunt knits so she gets knitting goodies instead of knitted things. I only have 3 people to actually knit for. My friends aren’t in the habit of exchanging holiday gifts so no additions there. This is why I can manage to knit for everyone on my list with out going nuts with the last minute rush.

THE list:

  1. My sister in law is getting the Mystery Stole – just needs blocking
  2. My brother is getting socks – not started yet
  3. Mom gets Elijah and (hopefully) a handspun scarf – working on them
  4. My aunt is getting a circular needle case from Offhand Designs and I’ll probably add some yarn to her package. She’s just gotten into knitting socks so hand painted sock yarn is a good bet.

And that’s it. Totally do-able, right?


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  1. Katie said,

    Hi I found your blog on Ravelry (I’m skat130). I, too, am knitting elijah and I think you and I are going about the same pace. I haven’t even officially “cast on” the project in ravelry yet because I don’t want to leave the picture blank while I’m not taking progress pics.

    Last night I finished the 2nd leg and picked up stitches for the right arm. At one body part a night, I think our Elijah’s will definitely be finished by the end of the week.

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