November 12, 2007

Elijah gets ahead

Posted in knitting tagged at 11:54 am by nephele

Err, make the a head, and about half the body. He’s already cute don’t you think?

I believe I’m going to have to make at least one more of these, maybe two. He’s just too fun to see coming together. At this rate I’ll probably be finished with him by the end of the week – just in time to go to the shop and get another color for number two. The yarn I picked comes in a soft lime green, I think I’ll use that next time or maybe the blue, or the cream. Heck, I may end up with a whole herd of Elijahs.

On a completely different topic, my beret  finally dried and it was chilly this morning so gave it a dry run.

I hate pictures of myself and this is no exception but at least the hat is cute, right? One of my new Raverly friends is planning to make the hat in Kuryon. I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

This morning was an exercise in how much knitting can I wear without actually putting on sweater. The answer is 6 items – though two came in pairs. I left the house wearing wool socks, armwarmers, my clapotis and the new beret. The weather man said it was in the mid forties this morning but I knew once the sun came up it would warm up quickly. I didn’t want to be stuck carrying one of my heavy sweaters later on in the day and this combination of accessories worked out just right. I was comfortably cool. Come late December I’ll probably be wearing all of these things (or items like them) with one of my winter sweaters on top. If I’d had my Capecho blocked I’d have worn that instead of the scarf and armwarmers.

I love accessories. It’s nice to have all these bits and pieces that I can combine into the perfect amount of warmth. It’s even nicer to be able to remove some of them as the day warms up. This is why I’m so fond of armwarmers. I’ve got 4 pairs and plans to make more. I don’t wear hats very often but now I have 4 to chose from as well. As for scarves, I don’t wear them much either but I’ve got 6 of them. I’ve got about a dozen pairs of finished socks and plenty of stashed yarn to make more. Then there are a couple of shawls. I can layer up like crazy.

Speaking of shawls, I am still working on Mystic Waters but I’m only up to row 111. That means I’m still on clue number one -sigh- I’ll get there eventually. Then maybe I can finally get going on my Chrysopolis stole. The in progress photos on the Yahoo groups are all gorgeous but there’s just no rushing lace.

Somewhere in all of this I’ve got to start my brother’s xmas present too. He hasn’t gotten back to me yet on his shoe size so I can’t start the socks. Well, I suppose if I assumed ‘large’ (safe bet) and did top downs I could actually get all the way past the gussets before the shoe size info becomes crucial. I guess I better get on that.


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  1. Gretchen said,

    “You can’t hurry lace, no, you just have to wait
    Lace don’t come easily, it’s a game of give and take. . .”
    (apologies to Motown)

    Elijah’s adorable already. I wish the King George yarn came in classic grey! Maybe I’ll just have to make a white elephant. Or periwinkle.

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