November 11, 2007

Watch me pull a rabbit from my hat!

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Oops, better get another hat.

Okay, silliness aside it’s all the fault of KitKatKnits. She’s got a blog contest  going. So in response to that…

First let me say the I am definitely old enough to have watched the show long before cable TV. I saw it on my Zenith Console set with a rooftop aerial and a remote control! Yup, one of the fancy new gadgets. My dad worked for IBM and has always been a techno-geek. That remote had 4 buttons on it: on/off, change channel (it looped through all available), volume up and volume down. It didn’t take my brother and I long to figure out that if we dropped the dog’s chain collar from hand to hand it would also change the channel on the TV. It made for some interesting TV duels.

I brought up the hat gag because that’s what I was working on this time last year. I’d just finished a couple of hats for my mother’s Christmas present and was making more. I ended up making a total of 8 for her.

These are the two I posted about on November 12th.
Mom hats

That same day I put up my first free pattern, the Easy Arm Warmers.

In a bit of history repeating itself. I’ve got another new hat to blog about. This one is for me. I recently order a couple of balls of yarn from Knit Picks. I had thoughts about using them for something but I wanted to check the colors with another yarn already in my stash. The Knit Picks stuff is so inexpensive it made sense to just buy one each of the two I was interested in. That way, I could swatch as well and I did. Unfortunately I decided neither would work so they got tossed into the gaping maw of my monster stash. They didn’t stay there long though.

When the new issue of Magknits came out I saw this hat pattern  and thought it would look cute if I striped the two yarns together. I printed out a copy of the pattern but set it aside so I could work on my Capecho.

Oh yes, the Capecho is finished!

Here’s a close up so you can see the button – shiny.

It still needs a steam blocking to smooth out the peaks in the pentagons. I’ll taking to my LYS on Friday (they’ve got a good steamer I can use). Other than a bit of blocking though it is all done. Yay!

In the end I added 8 inches to each sleeve. The whole thing took about 12 and a half balls of the Tweedy Cashmere. I knit the extra large on 5mm needles and it fits fine. After I block it I’ll see about getting a modelled photo. If I hadn’t lengthened the sleeves it would have only taken 11 balls to complete.

So, back to the hat. As soon as the Capecho I pulled it out and started. That was Friday evening. By Saturday evening it was a hat. Here it is blocking on a plastic paper plate liner:

The brown yarn is Swish Worsted in Merlot Heather. The red is Wool of the Andes in Black Cherry Heather. The Swish is the softer of the two which is why I did the ribbing with it. The WotAndes is too scratchy to be comfortable against the forehead but it starts far enough up on the hat not to be a problem. I love how the stripes highlight the structure of the chevron stitch pattern. I changed the colors on the purl rows so that I’d get that spotted transition line. It’s still wet (it rained last night so it won’t dry too quickly) but I should be wearing it soon

Since the hat was done, I needed to start another project, right? (I’m so bad) I couldn’t resist the new offering from Ysolda. All of her designs are cute but not really right for me, this, however; I couldn’t resist. I’m making Elijah the Elephant in pink. Here’s his head and the start of the trunk. I had to pause there because he needs to be stuffed before the trunk gets any narrower.

My mother likes elephants so I think he’ll be part of her xmas package. I may have to make another one for me though. The yarn is King George from Bristol Yarn Gallery. It’s 45% Alpaca, 45% Merino and 10% Cashmere. This is going to be a very soft, cuddly elephant.

Since the capecho and the hat were done and Elijah was stalled until I picked up some fiberfill (got it today). I needed something else to knit on. I was sorely tempted to start on Oblique  (one of the fall surprise patterns on Knitty) using the Daikeito yarn I bought two weeks ago, but I reined in the impulse and pulled out a UFO instead (how many points do I get for that?). This is a shrug I started last December. Maybe I can finish it by this December.

The yarn is Bouton d’Or Aida. I’ve also got some matching Norma from them which I’ll use for the collar. I’m making this one up as I go so we’ll have to see how that works out, won’t we?

Hmm, busy weekend.


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  1. Gretchen said,

    You’ve been knitting & spinning quicker than Rumpelstiltskin! The Capecho looks terrific, likewise the hat. Elijah is the cutest knit toy I’ve ever seen. Thanks for tipping me to Ysolda- btw, I like her “Gretel” hat, don’t you?

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