November 5, 2007

Back in Blue

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As promised, I didn’t keep the Halloween colored theme. I’ve gone back to the one I originally selected when I set the blog up a year ago. There are more interesting options but this one seems to me to be one of the easiest to read. It also has a fairly wide post column which allows for larger photos. WordPress comes up with new themes fairly regularly though so who knows?

I managed to get a little over halfway through the second chart on my Mystic Waters shawl but that’s is so far. The second chart is still part of the first clue. The second clue came out last Wednesday so now I’m definitely behind. I could have gotten caught up if I’d tried but instead I was working on…

My Capecho is almost done. If I wasn’t lengthening the sleeves it would be done now. I expect to finish it up this week.

I mentioned before about the collar being crucial to the fit of the thing. Here’s what I did.


The unworked sides of the pentagons are about 7 inches long. The sides that have been picked up and worked are only 5 inches. So I used 5 inches as my guide. There are seven pentagons that join to collar so I knit the collar (5×7) 35 inches long. As you can see it looks a lot shorter than the piece it’s getting attached to.


I measured out 5 inch segments on the collar and put in markers. I then pinned those same markers to the point where the pentagons join up. When it came time to sew it up, there were more pins to keep me on track. It’s a lot like easing a sleeve into and armhole.


When I finished sewing the entire length everything looked good – no rippling of other oddness.


I was double checking the pattern and saw that it said to work the collar stitch for stitch to match the body. If I’d done that my collar would have been about twice as long as it is. In fact it would have been longer than stretched out edge of the pentagons! I think someone made an editing error there.

I’m adding about 8 inches to the sleeves to make them full length. I’m a little over halfway on the first sleeve. I should be wearing this soon.

Speaking of adding things, I may have added to the stash again this weekend.


11 balls of Rowan Tapestry in color 172. I’m a sucker for raspberry and brown. I haven’t decided what I’ll do with it yet. Since Tapestry stripes, I’ll either do something to break up the stripes or knit it sideways. I’m large and short-waisted. Horizontal stripes are not usually a good idea for me though they do occasionally, inexplicably work, not with this yarn though I think. It’ll let me know what it wants to be eventually. Until it decides to talk it join all its friends in my large yarn colony.



  1. myartfullife said,

    This is so exciting! I love the series of pictures – makes me feel I’m right there with you. I really really want to knit this sweater and have it on the infamous ‘list’. Maybe in January. … Looking forward to the finished project photo!

  2. Sarah said,

    The Capecho is looking awesome! I love your stash addition, I think that’s such a gorgeous colorway. Can’t wait to see what it wants to be!

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