October 29, 2007

Status Update

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1. My Capecho


I’m still working on the right sleeve (left in picture). I think you can just about see a green marker clipped into the sleeve. There’s another one on the left sleeve. They’re my measuring points, where I started the plain ribbing. When I get to 4.5 inches, hopefully today, this sleeve will go on hold too and I’ll start the collar. Getting close.

 Speaking of the collar… It’s really the make or break on this pattern. In the picture above you can see how wide the neckline looks. The unworked edges of the pentagons stretch out like crazy. They are almost twice as long as the the edges on which I’ve picked up stitches. The collar can fix this. The pattern as published by Vogue (I won’t blame Norah here, I’ve seen what magazine editors do to patterns in the interest of saving precious column inches) just says knit the collar long enough to fit the neck edge. If you do that as the piece sits you’ll end up with a ridiculously long collar. Fortunately, I figured this out with the first Capecho. I had the friend that I was knitting it for try it on before I did the collar. We got it settled on her shoulders and then I measured HER around where the neck-edge was more or less sitting (more or less because it was gaping and ruffled) instead of measuring the knitting. I came up with a measurement of 32 inches and that’s how long I made the collar. I eased everything together when I sewed the collar on. By way of comparison the knitted neck-edge was about 45 inches long before attaching the collar.

Most of the people I’ve seen who were unhappy with their Capechos had much longer collars. Not all, I admit, but most.

2. The Neon Yarn

Here is the finished hank. I kept the picture small because it really is that bright and I didn’t want to blind anyone. 🙂


It’s a bit more even than the first hank I spun but about the same weight of yarn. One of these days I’ll actually test these for wraps-per-inch but my knitter’s eye says they’re worsted. I want to spin finer but that will come with practice I expect. At least I’m not spinning super bulky, novelty yarn – except, you know, for the color this time. It’s kind of novelty-ish.

Now that I’ve spent a month with it, I do think my wheel and I are a good match. I’m spinning almost everyday and usually only stop because I need to get up and move (my posture could be better). Definitely money well spent.

3. Mystic Waters

No picture because I forgot!

I’ve finished the first chart of the first section. Chart A is sixty rows long and chart B is 70 rows so you might think I’m almost halfway through. But… It’s a triangle shawl and we started at the point. That means the second half of this clue is more than three times as many stitches. I’m thinking I may not be finished but clue 2 comes out on Wednesday but I won’t give up yet.

4. Secret of Chrysopolis

Nope, I got nothing. I was working on Mystic Waters. I’m hoping to spend some time this weekend sitting at a table in my LYS getting started on this. It all depends on how many students I have. I know there are at least a couple but if that’s it I should still have some good chunks of uninterrupted knitting time and that’s what it’s going to take to get going on this chart. Wish me luck.



  1. Sarah said,

    I just love the colors of that Capecho. It’s perfect for fall.

  2. […] little project I managed to finish was my first attempt at using my own handspun. Remember that neon pink yarn I spun in October? I wanted to use it but was having trouble figuring out what to do with one skein […]

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