October 28, 2007

Best laid plans…

Posted in Knitalongs, Spinning at 1:21 pm by nephele

I took the pictures. I uploaded them to Flickr. I made some notes on links and then… Nothing. I never got around to writing the post. Bad me.

I seem to do that a lot actually. I get everything together to do a post and then I get busy/distracted and the post doesn’t materialize for days. Clearly, that’s something I need to work on. For now, how about I put up those pictures?

First off, here is my second full bobbin of handspun. It’s two-ply again and about worsted weight.


A tad more colorful than the first batch, no? The roving came from Elemental Affects. It’s Romney which isn’t famously soft and since they probably had to bleach the heck out if to get those neon colors it is pretty scratchy stuff. That’s okay. Part of what I’ve been doing in buying rovings, is to try out different breeds. Now I’ve played with Romney and I don’t have to do it again unless I find something irresistible. I’ve also got Merino, Corriedale, Zwartble, Colonial and Falkland waiting in my stash.

I had two two ounce balls of roving. One was solid neon-pink and the other was pink with about one third neon-yellow. I spun them up seperately and plied them together. The result is a slightly heathery, subtle barberpole yarn…in neon pink (I was in my 20s in the 80s, I’m allowed). 

The roughness of the wool wasn’t a problem really. What was annoying was the amount of vegetable matter (hay and such) that was still in the roving. It makes me wonder where they keep their carding maching – the hayloft perhaps? I was picking tons of VM bits out as I spun and there’s still a lot left in the yarn. Oh well, at least the color is fun.. Maybe I’ll make a bag out of it or something. The wash water was rather pink so I’ll have to pick any secondary yarns with care. Black would be good, and safe.

I’ve started spinning the Merino/Tencel that is – tentatively – going to be my mother’s Christmas present. First I have to spin it up, then I have to knit something. The plan is to make a lacy scarf. I should probably come up with a back plan, just in case. This blend is easy to draft but so slippery that it’s easy to draft it down to nothing too. I had to slow down and thicken up what I was doing to keep from constantly breaking it. It definitely won’t be lace weight this time out, maybe when I get to the orangey stuff Sarah gave me my control will be better.

Speaking of lace weight… I finally cast on for my Secret of Chrysopolis stole. I also knit the garter border but that’s it so far, see:


I’ve seen people’s pictures of their stoles though and there is no question about me finishing this. It is gorgeous! The Malabrigo Lace is going to work up into a generously sized stole. I’m itching to get going on it, but it’s complicated enought that I need a good block of time in which to get it started. Once I’ve established the borders and started in on the central patterns I should be fine.

In other lace news, the first part of the Mystic Waters Shawl pattern came out last Wednesday. This one is a triangle shawl. I’m using Malabrigo again and I’ve gotten started.


Since taking this picture, I’ve gotten up to row 50. I’m going to try to finish the first clue before number two goes live this week. We’ll see how that goes.

I am still working on my Capecho too. I’ve got about 3 inches left on the second sleeve. Then I’ll need to get the collar done. Once the collars on, I can try it on and decide how much longer I’m going to make the sleeves. To start with I’m making them the length the pattern calls for – just above the elbow – but I know I want mine longer, so I put the stitches on hold for the first sleeve and will do the same on the second. I’ll probably go for full, wrist length sleeves but I might decide that 3/4 length will work best.


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