October 11, 2007

It’s yarn!

Posted in Spinning tagged at 10:33 am by nephele

I wound my plied yarn off into hanks, tied them securely and gave them a bath in Soak. I let the be for about an hour to make sure they were thoroughly saturated then pulled them out, gently squeezed out some of the excess water and hung them up to dry.


According to one of my spinning books, the fact that the big 2 ply hank is hanging straight means that I did an okay job of balancing the ply. The Navajo plied mini hank is over spun on the ply which is why it twists around itself in a ‘Z’ ply direction (I ‘S’ spun the singles and ‘Z’ spun the plies). Still, it could have been much worse. In fact it was much worse before I washed it. The washing caused both hanks to relax a bit. Initially the 2 ply twisted like the 3 ply still does and the 3 ply twisted like crazy. Washing is a good thing. 😉

They’re all dry now and twisted into proper hanks (or hanklet for the 3 ply).



The big hank is about 133 grams (4.7 oz.) and it averages out to a light worsted or possibly DK weight (I haven’t done a WPI test yet).  It’ll go off now to my friend for dying. Hopefully she can recreate that gorgeous plum she got the first time. She’s using natural dyes so there’s always a chance it’ll be different this time. I’m willing to risk it.

I won’t bother get the mini-hank dyed. It’s only 17 grams (0.6 oz) of worsted and it’s over spun to boot. I may just crochet some flowers or something with it – crochet being able to handle the overspin better than knitting. If the flowers come out okay, I’ll hand paint them with food coloring or something and use them instead of bows on my Christmas gifts this year.

I may give that hank of 2 ply to my aunt (the only other knitter in the family) as part of her christmas or I may knit it into something for my mother. Then again, I may just keep it for my greedy, little, yarn-loving self. The two pound of BFL roving isn’t quite enough for a sweater for me even if I manage to spin it all up to same weight. A shrug or vest is possible. I’ll have to spin more before I make a final decision.

I did do a tiny bit more spinning last night but it was something else. When I got those to rovings from Spincerely she added a little sample of some blue and brown superwash merino. I played with that last night. I put the drive band onto the highest speed notch on my regular flyer and gave it a spin. After a few false starts, I manage to spin up the little sample. It’s resting on the bobbin now. I’ll think about plying tonight. Mostly this was a test run at spinning finer singles as I still want to spin that Merino/Tencel as lace-weight.

Wish me luck!


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