October 9, 2007

Is it yarn yet?

Posted in Knitalongs, Spinning at 11:39 am by nephele

first yarn

You know, I think it just might be. I finished plying my singles last night and by golly, it kind of looks like yarn.

Most of the singles went into this bobbin of two-ply:
first 2ply

One of the batches of singles was quite a bit longer than the other (I was eager to try plying I think and short changed the second batch a bit) so I tried a bit of Navajo plying.
first 3ply

Somewhat pointless in an un-dyed yarn but at least I understand the technique a little better. One of my recent fiber buys is space dyed so perhaps I’ll try this with it. Then again, I love the random marled effect of plying colored singles and letting things land where they will, so maybe not. 

Right now I’m really itching to get my fingers on that Merino/Tencel roving. I’d like to try spinning up something in a lace-weight but it may be too soon for that. Lack of experience won’t stop me from trying though. I’m just crazy like that. You may remember my story from last Socktober about my first pair of socks being complicated lace ones. So why not have my second batch of spinning be lace-weight? Hopefully my beginner’s luck hasn’t dried up yet.

Speaking of me being crazy, I joined yet another mystery lace knit-a-long. This time it’s a triangle shawl (my main reason for joining since all the others have been rectangular stoles). It’s the Mystic Waters Lace Shawl. The first part of the pattern won’t be up until October 24th so there’s still time to join up if you’re so inclined. I’ve been eying some blue-green Malabrigo Lace which would be perfect for this. Or, you know, I could spin my own.

So just to recap, I’m in 3 mystery lace knit-a-longs all of which will be underway by the end of the month. Good thing I got those stockings done. Oh and the owner of my LYS wants the lace wrap on the cover of Prism Book 42 (scroll down, it’s the mint green short sleeved wrap). I’m going to knit one for her and another for my self. That’s a lot of lace, good thing I like it.

Next year, nothing but Rowan Big Wool and Cascade Magnum.

Okay, probably not, but maybe a few big gauge pieces to break things up?

Speaking of years… I was just starting to think about doing some big blog-iversary post so I went to check on what the actual date was and guess what? I missed it! My first post was on October 3rd of last year. Darn. Good thing I’m not married. I’d miss all those important dates. Heck, half the time I have to do the arithmetic to figure out my own age. So how come I can remember lace patterns without even trying? It’s a conundrum.

Gretchen said:
Fab sock yarns! I must check it out, didn’t realize Prism did sock yarn. . .

I’ve managed not to cast on with any of them yet but it’s been a hard won victory and the war is far from over.;)

Nicole said:
I hope stockings count! I started one of mine yesterday. Yours look awesome and I’m in awe of the number… as I am grumbling about doing two. I LOVE the reindeer one!

All the motifs except the tree (which is from a 1945 stocking pattern available here) were my own designs. They only exist as hand drawn charts at the moment but once I put them into computer form I’ll load them up to my Free patterns section. All the charts are about 28 rows high.



  1. Sarah said,

    I’m intruigued by the description of the Mystic Waters KAL, and I like that it’s a triangular shawl. Thanks for mentioning it!

  2. Gretchen said,

    Okay, I went right to the Prism Saki rack yesterday and snagged myself a skein of “Ginger”– the name surprised me, it’s not spicy brown but mysterious jungle flower colors: green and lavender and some soft brown. Good thing you tipped me, ’cause they’re going fast. Thanks!

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