October 31, 2007


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I used to dress up every year for halloween. I would usually go for classic monsters. I’ve been a witch, ghost, vampire, werewolf and bride of Frankenstein. Then one year I didn’t have an idea in time to get anything together and the whole thing just sort of fizzled out. I made a couple of lame efforts – wearing my SCA  garb for instance – but nothing at all the last few years. I’ve lost my halloween mojo. So sad.

Halloween was always one of my favorites as a child. You got to dress up as anything you wanted and go run around the neighborhood at night collecting tons of candy. I grew up in southern California so the weather was always perfect even at the end of October. One of the other things Halloween had going for it was the lack of visiting relatives. We didn’t have to watch our manners or be relegated to the kid’s table at dinner. Halloween was nothing but fun and too much candy – and scary stuff. Can’t forget the scary stuff.

I’m not a big fan of the modern slasher films but old fashioned spooky stuff is great fun. I remember racing home from school so that I could get my homework done by 4pm. We had to finish our homework before we could watch TV and Dark Shadows came on at 4. I never missed it. It was one of the few shows my brother and I never argued about.

So what does all this have to do with knitting? Not a thing, I’m just meandering a bit.

On the knitting front, I’ve started the collar for my Capecho.

It won’t be long before I can wear it. I’m looking forward to adding this to my wardrobe. I’ve been almost monogamous with this project, just the occasional fling here and there, like finishing chart A of the Mystic Waters shawl:

I didn’t manage to finish the first clue, darn it, but at least it looks more like something than the previous photo.

Here it is the last day of Socktober and I have almost nothing to show for it. I did finish the Xmas stockings which are nearly socks but I started them at the end of August and worked on them through September. I probably spent about a day and half of Socktober working on them and most of that was embroidery not knitting. I did get some new sock yarn and a sock book or two and just last night I started a sock with some of the new yarn and one of the books. When I say started though, I mean just started see:

I’m using the Sockotta that I got from Romancing the Yarn and some Jawoll Cotton from my stash to make the Clematis Socks from New Pathways for Sock Knitters. There are several sock patterns in this book that I intend to make or adapt and this is one  of my favorites. I’ve been resisting ever since I got the book but I finally broke last night. It’s crazy. I’ve already got four other pairs of socks on the needles. I didn’t need to make it five, really. I’m weak.


October 29, 2007

Status Update

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1. My Capecho


I’m still working on the right sleeve (left in picture). I think you can just about see a green marker clipped into the sleeve. There’s another one on the left sleeve. They’re my measuring points, where I started the plain ribbing. When I get to 4.5 inches, hopefully today, this sleeve will go on hold too and I’ll start the collar. Getting close.

 Speaking of the collar… It’s really the make or break on this pattern. In the picture above you can see how wide the neckline looks. The unworked edges of the pentagons stretch out like crazy. They are almost twice as long as the the edges on which I’ve picked up stitches. The collar can fix this. The pattern as published by Vogue (I won’t blame Norah here, I’ve seen what magazine editors do to patterns in the interest of saving precious column inches) just says knit the collar long enough to fit the neck edge. If you do that as the piece sits you’ll end up with a ridiculously long collar. Fortunately, I figured this out with the first Capecho. I had the friend that I was knitting it for try it on before I did the collar. We got it settled on her shoulders and then I measured HER around where the neck-edge was more or less sitting (more or less because it was gaping and ruffled) instead of measuring the knitting. I came up with a measurement of 32 inches and that’s how long I made the collar. I eased everything together when I sewed the collar on. By way of comparison the knitted neck-edge was about 45 inches long before attaching the collar.

Most of the people I’ve seen who were unhappy with their Capechos had much longer collars. Not all, I admit, but most.

2. The Neon Yarn

Here is the finished hank. I kept the picture small because it really is that bright and I didn’t want to blind anyone. 🙂


It’s a bit more even than the first hank I spun but about the same weight of yarn. One of these days I’ll actually test these for wraps-per-inch but my knitter’s eye says they’re worsted. I want to spin finer but that will come with practice I expect. At least I’m not spinning super bulky, novelty yarn – except, you know, for the color this time. It’s kind of novelty-ish.

Now that I’ve spent a month with it, I do think my wheel and I are a good match. I’m spinning almost everyday and usually only stop because I need to get up and move (my posture could be better). Definitely money well spent.

3. Mystic Waters

No picture because I forgot!

I’ve finished the first chart of the first section. Chart A is sixty rows long and chart B is 70 rows so you might think I’m almost halfway through. But… It’s a triangle shawl and we started at the point. That means the second half of this clue is more than three times as many stitches. I’m thinking I may not be finished but clue 2 comes out on Wednesday but I won’t give up yet.

4. Secret of Chrysopolis

Nope, I got nothing. I was working on Mystic Waters. I’m hoping to spend some time this weekend sitting at a table in my LYS getting started on this. It all depends on how many students I have. I know there are at least a couple but if that’s it I should still have some good chunks of uninterrupted knitting time and that’s what it’s going to take to get going on this chart. Wish me luck.

October 28, 2007

Best laid plans…

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I took the pictures. I uploaded them to Flickr. I made some notes on links and then… Nothing. I never got around to writing the post. Bad me.

I seem to do that a lot actually. I get everything together to do a post and then I get busy/distracted and the post doesn’t materialize for days. Clearly, that’s something I need to work on. For now, how about I put up those pictures?

First off, here is my second full bobbin of handspun. It’s two-ply again and about worsted weight.


A tad more colorful than the first batch, no? The roving came from Elemental Affects. It’s Romney which isn’t famously soft and since they probably had to bleach the heck out if to get those neon colors it is pretty scratchy stuff. That’s okay. Part of what I’ve been doing in buying rovings, is to try out different breeds. Now I’ve played with Romney and I don’t have to do it again unless I find something irresistible. I’ve also got Merino, Corriedale, Zwartble, Colonial and Falkland waiting in my stash.

I had two two ounce balls of roving. One was solid neon-pink and the other was pink with about one third neon-yellow. I spun them up seperately and plied them together. The result is a slightly heathery, subtle barberpole yarn…in neon pink (I was in my 20s in the 80s, I’m allowed). 

The roughness of the wool wasn’t a problem really. What was annoying was the amount of vegetable matter (hay and such) that was still in the roving. It makes me wonder where they keep their carding maching – the hayloft perhaps? I was picking tons of VM bits out as I spun and there’s still a lot left in the yarn. Oh well, at least the color is fun.. Maybe I’ll make a bag out of it or something. The wash water was rather pink so I’ll have to pick any secondary yarns with care. Black would be good, and safe.

I’ve started spinning the Merino/Tencel that is – tentatively – going to be my mother’s Christmas present. First I have to spin it up, then I have to knit something. The plan is to make a lacy scarf. I should probably come up with a back plan, just in case. This blend is easy to draft but so slippery that it’s easy to draft it down to nothing too. I had to slow down and thicken up what I was doing to keep from constantly breaking it. It definitely won’t be lace weight this time out, maybe when I get to the orangey stuff Sarah gave me my control will be better.

Speaking of lace weight… I finally cast on for my Secret of Chrysopolis stole. I also knit the garter border but that’s it so far, see:


I’ve seen people’s pictures of their stoles though and there is no question about me finishing this. It is gorgeous! The Malabrigo Lace is going to work up into a generously sized stole. I’m itching to get going on it, but it’s complicated enought that I need a good block of time in which to get it started. Once I’ve established the borders and started in on the central patterns I should be fine.

In other lace news, the first part of the Mystic Waters Shawl pattern came out last Wednesday. This one is a triangle shawl. I’m using Malabrigo again and I’ve gotten started.


Since taking this picture, I’ve gotten up to row 50. I’m going to try to finish the first clue before number two goes live this week. We’ll see how that goes.

I am still working on my Capecho too. I’ve got about 3 inches left on the second sleeve. Then I’ll need to get the collar done. Once the collars on, I can try it on and decide how much longer I’m going to make the sleeves. To start with I’m making them the length the pattern calls for – just above the elbow – but I know I want mine longer, so I put the stitches on hold for the first sleeve and will do the same on the second. I’ll probably go for full, wrist length sleeves but I might decide that 3/4 length will work best.

October 24, 2007

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

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…um, yeah. Anyway…

I just uploaded the Christmas stocking design charts to the Charted Designs  page. Have at them.

Oh and I avoided the dilemma of which merino/tencel roving to spin first by spinning something else instead. Last year at the TKGA show I’d picked up some neon pink roving. I finished spinning up the singles last night. Tonight I’ll see about plying it up. I’ll be sure and get some pictures so that you can see I’m not kidding about the neon.

Just a quickie today. Go, knit Xmas stuff!

October 21, 2007

It’s been a busy week…

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…but not in the fun way. Just busy with work (and work emergency on my day off – joy). I knew I would be busy so that part was okay. The emergencies I could have lived without. I guess that’s the risk you take when you’re the entire computer department for a retailer with computerized cash registers. They do appreciate me which makes all the difference.

I did find time to do some knitting. When last photographed the Capecho looked like this:


I’ve since completed three more pentagons and I’m on number 11 which is that last one. After I finish it, I’ll have the sleeves and collar left to do. The mornings have been just chilly enough lately that I’m really motivated to finish this.

I finished knitting those Christmas stockings a couple of weeks ago. Now they are done done. I’ve added beads and sequins and duplicate stitched the names on the four that got names (the two blanks are spares for future need).


I’ll try to get the designs charted up this week. They’re all about 30 rows high so they’d be cute on baby sweaters too. Just a thought.

I’ve already set up a page in the free patterns section for charted designs. It’s even got a chart on it (couldn’t have a blank page after all). The chart is for a version of the San Jose Sharks new logo. Why? No, not a big hockey fan though they would be the local team if I was. I’m knitting a sweater for a friend (who is a fan) in Sharks colors and I’ve noticed quite a few people finding blog by search for San Jose Sharks knitting patterns. I figured I might as well give them something for their efforts.

In addition to a bit of knitting and charting and finishing, I’ve also managed a little stash enhancing – though I did have help.

The lovely ladies over at Romancing the Yarnare giving away sock yarn every day for the month of Socktober. I won on my lucky day (the 13th – I’m just contrary that way). My prize arrived and it couldn’t be more perfect:


The colors are right up my alley and the yarn is 45% cotton which, despite my tendency to buy wool, is actually better for the climate here. With those bright, candy colors I’ll have to do something lacey for spring wear. And yes, the candy was in the package too. Mint taffy, it was yummy; now it’s gone 😉

Another stash assist came in the form a ‘just because’ gift from my friend Sarah. She and Measure stopped by the yarn shop and dropped off a little wheel warming present.


Apparently she’s had this since Stitches West and was planning to spin it up for me but what with giving birth and all… I guess she’s been a tad busy. It all worked out though because now I get to spin it up. It’s 55% Merino/45% Tencel from Fiber Fiend in the color Flame. Now do I spin this first for me or do I spin the pink and green roving that’s earmarked for my mother’s Christmas present? Time is short so I should work on my Mom’s but I just got the wheel last month so I should practice on my own stuff. Oh what a dilemma!

Here’s the one stash addition that’s entirely my own fault. I was at my LYS when they were checking in a shipment of Diakeito yarns. I didn’t even let them tag these:

Diakeito Diarufran

I bought the entire bag. It’s Diarufran which is worsted weight, 100% wool with a light weight chain construction. Each 40g ball has 161 yards on it. I bought all ten so I have 1610 yards of this pretty stuff. Now what to make… Nope, not yet. I have to finish the Capecho first but hey, maybe another Norah Gaughan pattern. The colors would be very pretty in one of here hexagon designs like the one in the new issue of VK. File that under soon.

October 11, 2007

It’s yarn!

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I wound my plied yarn off into hanks, tied them securely and gave them a bath in Soak. I let the be for about an hour to make sure they were thoroughly saturated then pulled them out, gently squeezed out some of the excess water and hung them up to dry.


According to one of my spinning books, the fact that the big 2 ply hank is hanging straight means that I did an okay job of balancing the ply. The Navajo plied mini hank is over spun on the ply which is why it twists around itself in a ‘Z’ ply direction (I ‘S’ spun the singles and ‘Z’ spun the plies). Still, it could have been much worse. In fact it was much worse before I washed it. The washing caused both hanks to relax a bit. Initially the 2 ply twisted like the 3 ply still does and the 3 ply twisted like crazy. Washing is a good thing. 😉

They’re all dry now and twisted into proper hanks (or hanklet for the 3 ply).



The big hank is about 133 grams (4.7 oz.) and it averages out to a light worsted or possibly DK weight (I haven’t done a WPI test yet).  It’ll go off now to my friend for dying. Hopefully she can recreate that gorgeous plum she got the first time. She’s using natural dyes so there’s always a chance it’ll be different this time. I’m willing to risk it.

I won’t bother get the mini-hank dyed. It’s only 17 grams (0.6 oz) of worsted and it’s over spun to boot. I may just crochet some flowers or something with it – crochet being able to handle the overspin better than knitting. If the flowers come out okay, I’ll hand paint them with food coloring or something and use them instead of bows on my Christmas gifts this year.

I may give that hank of 2 ply to my aunt (the only other knitter in the family) as part of her christmas or I may knit it into something for my mother. Then again, I may just keep it for my greedy, little, yarn-loving self. The two pound of BFL roving isn’t quite enough for a sweater for me even if I manage to spin it all up to same weight. A shrug or vest is possible. I’ll have to spin more before I make a final decision.

I did do a tiny bit more spinning last night but it was something else. When I got those to rovings from Spincerely she added a little sample of some blue and brown superwash merino. I played with that last night. I put the drive band onto the highest speed notch on my regular flyer and gave it a spin. After a few false starts, I manage to spin up the little sample. It’s resting on the bobbin now. I’ll think about plying tonight. Mostly this was a test run at spinning finer singles as I still want to spin that Merino/Tencel as lace-weight.

Wish me luck!

October 9, 2007

Is it yarn yet?

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first yarn

You know, I think it just might be. I finished plying my singles last night and by golly, it kind of looks like yarn.

Most of the singles went into this bobbin of two-ply:
first 2ply

One of the batches of singles was quite a bit longer than the other (I was eager to try plying I think and short changed the second batch a bit) so I tried a bit of Navajo plying.
first 3ply

Somewhat pointless in an un-dyed yarn but at least I understand the technique a little better. One of my recent fiber buys is space dyed so perhaps I’ll try this with it. Then again, I love the random marled effect of plying colored singles and letting things land where they will, so maybe not. 

Right now I’m really itching to get my fingers on that Merino/Tencel roving. I’d like to try spinning up something in a lace-weight but it may be too soon for that. Lack of experience won’t stop me from trying though. I’m just crazy like that. You may remember my story from last Socktober about my first pair of socks being complicated lace ones. So why not have my second batch of spinning be lace-weight? Hopefully my beginner’s luck hasn’t dried up yet.

Speaking of me being crazy, I joined yet another mystery lace knit-a-long. This time it’s a triangle shawl (my main reason for joining since all the others have been rectangular stoles). It’s the Mystic Waters Lace Shawl. The first part of the pattern won’t be up until October 24th so there’s still time to join up if you’re so inclined. I’ve been eying some blue-green Malabrigo Lace which would be perfect for this. Or, you know, I could spin my own.

So just to recap, I’m in 3 mystery lace knit-a-longs all of which will be underway by the end of the month. Good thing I got those stockings done. Oh and the owner of my LYS wants the lace wrap on the cover of Prism Book 42 (scroll down, it’s the mint green short sleeved wrap). I’m going to knit one for her and another for my self. That’s a lot of lace, good thing I like it.

Next year, nothing but Rowan Big Wool and Cascade Magnum.

Okay, probably not, but maybe a few big gauge pieces to break things up?

Speaking of years… I was just starting to think about doing some big blog-iversary post so I went to check on what the actual date was and guess what? I missed it! My first post was on October 3rd of last year. Darn. Good thing I’m not married. I’d miss all those important dates. Heck, half the time I have to do the arithmetic to figure out my own age. So how come I can remember lace patterns without even trying? It’s a conundrum.

Gretchen said:
Fab sock yarns! I must check it out, didn’t realize Prism did sock yarn. . .

I’ve managed not to cast on with any of them yet but it’s been a hard won victory and the war is far from over.;)

Nicole said:
I hope stockings count! I started one of mine yesterday. Yours look awesome and I’m in awe of the number… as I am grumbling about doing two. I LOVE the reindeer one!

All the motifs except the tree (which is from a 1945 stocking pattern available here) were my own designs. They only exist as hand drawn charts at the moment but once I put them into computer form I’ll load them up to my Free patterns section. All the charts are about 28 rows high.

October 7, 2007

Xmas stockings are like socks

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I hope so, because Socktober just started and this is what I was finishing up:

They’re all knit now. I spent a good portion of Friday sewing beads and sequins on to the motifs – ’cause it ain’t Christmas if it isn’t at least a little tacky. On Saturday I started duplicate stitching the names, putting in all the yarn ends, seaming and adding crochet chain hanging loops. I’ve got one left to do. As soon as I finish it this project can be sent off to the customer with plenty of time left before Christmas too.

Since it is Socktober (I’ll grab any excuse, just watch me) I bought some more sock yarn yesterday.

Those are all Prism Yarns Saki. The colors are (clockwise from top left) Garden, Embers, Jelly Bean and Carnation. The Embers and Carnation are tone-on-tone enough to take some pretty significant pattern stitches. Knowing me, they’ll end up lacy. The other two color will be best as simple socks though the Jelly Bean is arguing that it’d look great in feather and fan. The Garden may just end up in a basic ribbed sock. I don’t want anything to interfere with it’s gorgeous, heathery colors.

Sarah said:

Gorgeous wheel! Definitely worth a few bruises. I do like those Carolina Homespun people, I always buy some fiber from them at Stitches.

You’re right about it being worth it! I’ve spent an hour or two every day spinning. The first day I didn’t produce anything worth keeping but since then I’ve been filling up bobbins. I finished up the second bobbin last night. Tonight I’m going to try to ply for the first time. Wish me luck.

I’m itching to move on to the Merino/Tencel roving I bought last week but I don’t want to waste it. If I manage a passable job of plying the BFL I may just have to jump in. I’ve already got plans about what I’ll knit with it when it is spun up. Nothing like putting the cart before the horse, eh?

No new photo, ’cause it really doesn’t look all that different yet, but I’m continuing to work on my Tweedy Cashmere Capecho. I’m on Pentagon number 5. There are 7 in the first row, I’ll take another picture when those are done. The last couple of mornings have been a bit chilly which is great encouragement to keep knitting. I’m toying with making mine with long sleeves. My torso doesn’t get cold nearly as quickly as my arms do. That would be why I have a pretty good collection of arm warmers and plans to add more to the pile. I think that long sleeves would make the Capecho a lot more useful to me. Plus, more soft cashmere blend on my arms where I’ll be able to appreciate it – not a bad thing 😉

Off to think more about what I’m going to knit from all the yarn I haven’t made yet…

October 4, 2007

The bruises have almost healed

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What bruises? We’ll get to that, promise.

So last Friday I was scheduled to help out at my LYS’s booth at the Knitting and Crochet show in Oakland. One of the ladies from the shop was also working there that day and she was going to give me a ride. I think I’ve mentioned my car-less state in the past (yes, it is possible to live in California without a car – just). Anyway… I got a call on Wednesday telling me that she wouldn’t be able to make it so I was on my own. At least it was a weekday so all the commute transit was running. I made it there okay – in fact I was the first person at the booth that morning. I had plenty of time to wander around and check out all the other booths before the show opened.

I had a pretty long commute (across 3 transit agency) to get there so I needed to bring some knitting to work on. I finished knitting the last of the six stockings on Thursday so that was out. I thought about just grabbing one of my socks-in-progress but I wanted something a little bigger. I was reminded recently about the Capecho that I’d just barely started for myself last spring so I dug that out. It was perfect, enough pattern to keep me entertained but not so much that I had to constantly refer to the chart plus it was a design I’d knit before so there wouldn’t be any unpleasant surprises out on the bridge in the middle of the bay. Now it finally looks like more that a cast on:

The yarn isn’t really as red as it looks here. It’s Tweedy Cashmere by Filatura Di Crosa (now, sadly discontinued) which is a four ply yarn. Three of those plies are navy blue and only one is red but for whatever reason the red was more photogenic. I’ve added another two pentagons since taking that picture. It really does make for good bus knitting so that’s what I’ve been carrying around this week.  At home I’ve been working on something else.

I’ve been wanting to get a spinning wheel for a couple of years now. I’ve been playing around with drop spindles but I never seem to get much done with them. I spindle best standing up and about the only time I do much standing around is when I’m waiting for the bus. Once I’m on the bus I can spindle spin so it’s easier to just knit the whole time. So my plan was to look for a wheel at the show. I’d be able (hopefully) to try some out and take one home with me that day. So while I was wandering around the hall before it opened I kept my eyes peeled for wheels (and roving, ’cause you know…). There were two booths with wheels but one of them had several display models set up so that’s where I went later in the day. Results?

And now we get to the bruises. It’s not a heavy wheel but the box is a bit too large to be easy to handle. Having to carry it up and down stairs, in and out of buses and trains and down the sidewalk all resulted in some pressure bruises on my forearms where the corner of the box rested. The original plan was to have a ride home of course and the shop owners did offer to take custody of the wheel for me and get it to me later. But… then I wouldn’t have it until later! Totally worth the bruises. I did have a soak in the tub before I opened the box though.

The folks I bought her from (Carolina Homespun) threw in 2 pounds of BFL to get me started so I got started.

Total crap beginner yarn but I don’t care. I’m having fun and the only way to get better is to keep on spinning right?

It’s a Lendrum Folding Wheel – not because I plan to carry it around to a lot of places, but rather because I have a small apartment and it takes up less floor space than the traditional type. I treated myself to the complete version so my box included:

From the left: a jumbo (plying) flyer assembly, a fast (lace) flyer and a lazy kate with three more standard bobbins (for a total of 4 standard and 1 jumbo). I should be set for a while.

Thanks to that big bag of BFL I ended up not buying anymore roving – that day. I do have a small fiber stash huddled in amongst the enormous yarn stash so I’ve got a few things to play with anyway. I’ll practice with the BFL first.

I finished with that bobbin last night and started a second. As soon as I fill up number two I’ll try my hand at plying them together. The finished yarn will go off to a friend of mine who has been playing with natural dyes. She came up with one recently that made a really nice plum. I’ve asked her to same me some of that. Once it’s dyed up I’ll see what I can knit with it – always assuming I don’t completely screw up the yarn first.

When I tried out the display wheel at the booth they had some merino/tencel that I got to  play with. Yummy stuff and so easy to draft. I didn’t buy any roving at the show but I may have had a little accident over at Etsy. I’ve been trying to collect a variety of fibers/sheep breeds to play with so I could learn the differences and just get to know them better. In addition to the Bluefaced Leicester, I have Merino, Corriedale, Romney and about and ounce of Zwartble. I also have some silk hankies that I want to play with dying. Now, thanks to this shop, I have:

From left: Falkland, the Merino/Tencel I went looking for in the first play and a little sample of Merino superwash. I’m already plotting what I could knit with that Tencel blend. I think I’m going to like this spinning stuff.

Lest you get the impression that the wheel is all I got at the show…
addi hook
TKS yarnTKS yarn2
malabrigo lace

The magazines were freebies – though by the time I made it home there extra weight was starting to cost me. The ivory colored stick is actually an Addi crochet hook in 0.60mm. I got it for putting beads on yarn. It’s a little finer than the one I used on the Mystery Stole and the cover means I probably won’t destroy it when I toss it in my knitting bag.

I really hadn’t planned to buy any (much) yarn but I was wearing my Clapotis that day and the wool/bamboo/nylon sock yarn was an almost perfect match. Clearly, I had to have it. I had planned to look for some heavier lace yarn for one of the new mystery knit-a-longs I joined last week. This malabrigo lace is perfect. Enough variegation to please me but not so much that it’ll fight with the stitch patterns. I’m currently planning to use it for the Secret of Chrysopolis stole. I’m still swatching though so that could change. The crazy thing is that both of these yarns came from the booth I was working. Technically they came from my LYS but if I hadn’t bought them there, they probably wouldn’t have made it back to the store and I’d never have got them. At least the yarn wasn’t heavy.

Well I think I’ve gone on long enough. Next time: plying (maybe).