September 26, 2007

I may have a bit of yarn.

Posted in Knitalongs, Yarn Stash at 4:50 pm by nephele

I’ve been on Ravelry for a few months now (username: nephele if anyone wants to friend me or just check out what I have there) but I’m only just now starting to add my stash into the database. I think I may have a bit of yarn.

I store most of the yarn in these pop-up mesh hampers that the local big chain drug store sells at 2 for $5. I spent an hour the other night photographing the contents of one of those hampers. I also took notes on yarn names, colors, dye lots and quantities for entry on Ravelry. Here’s the photos:
Stash Bin A 01Stash Bin A 02Stash Bin A 03Stash Bin A 04Stash Bin A 05
Stash Bin A 06Stash Bin A 07Stash Bin A 08Stash Bin A 09Stash Bin A 10
Stash Bin A 11Stash Bin A 12Stash Bin A 13Stash Bin A 14Stash Bin A 15
Stash Bin A 16Stash Bin A 17Stash Bin A 18Stash Bin A 19Stash Bin A 20

Most of these are in pretty good quantities, 19 of one, 14 of another, several 10s, some 4s and only one that’s a singleton.

I have 7 more or those hampers, all full to overflowing. I also have several other containers, some larger than the hampers, full of yarn. I think it’s safe to say I’ve reached SABLE status.

At least my timing is good. I’m going to be at the Knit and Crochet Show this Friday and this served as a timely reminder that I don’t need to buy anymore yarn, really! There is that small matter of my plan to buy a Spinning Wheel of course. I have a small roving stash, I’m sure I can fix that. That should curb any yarn buying urges. I’ll end up spending more money than I usually do at these shows for just the wheel (assuming they have one I like there).

In other yarn news, I finished knitting stocking number 5 and I’m up to the foot of number 6. I should have the last one finished by tomorrow. I still need to embroider the names, add beads and sequins and sew them up but I should be done with that fairly quickly. My goal was to finish them by the beginning of October and that looks do-able.

My concentration on the stockings means I haven’t done any more work on the Modern Quilt Wrap or anything else for that matter.  The little bit I did do was enough of a break to satisfy my itchy fingers it seems. Once the stockings are out of the way I’ll get back to it, probably.

Filed under: Yes, I nuts. I joined to new mystery knit-a-longs. Secret of the Stole and Secret of Chrysopolis. Both are lace the SotS is a stole with beads, SoC is a shawl of as yet unknown shape. I enjoyed the Mystery Stole, so now I’ll get a double dose. The SoC shawl starts this week and the stole starts a week later. You know, I may need to shop for yarn at the Show after all. I’ve got lots of really fine lace yarn in my stash but I’d like at least one of these to be on the heavier end of the the lace spectrum, maybe some Malabrigo.

Speaking of spectrum, did you notice how well those yarns I photographed work for the current – orange, brown, purple – colors of Project Spectrum 2.0? I know I haven’t mentioned that lately but that’s because all of my knitting was in colors that didn’t apply. I do have other colors in my stash but there is a definite orange bias. Hmm, orange Malabrigo Lace…

Well, I think I better stop before I talk myself into looking for even more yarn to buy.


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