September 20, 2007

I don’t even play by my own rules.

Posted in knitting at 4:24 pm by nephele

I mentioned before that I may have purchase the yarn for the Modern Quilt Wrap from Folk Style (pattern also available from Knitting Daily). 


Um, yeah. I did at least wait a week before buying it. I really need to get those xmas stockings done (I’m still on number 5) and I knew if I bought the yarn I’d be tempted to get started.



Okay, well I am at least leaving it at home so I’ll work on the stockings during my commute. That should be okay, right? And I’ve only got one and two thirds left to knit so… Once I’ve finished knitting all the stockings I need to do a bit of embroidery on them – names, arms for the snowman, and add some beads and sequins to the designs. When I get to that point the stockings and the quilt wrap can change places. I’m not even going to try sewing on sequins on the bus. 

Sounds good in theory, right?

It was a bit chilly this morning which made me want to work on one of the light sweaters or shrugs that I have going for myself. My finished sweaters are too much for the current weather, I need an interim piece for the chilly mornings. So today I pulled out my Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties that is about two thirds done and added a couple of rows to the body instead of working on the stocking. I don’t feel too guilty about it. I’m going to be at the yarn shop all day tomorrow and I don’t think I have any students so I’ll get lots of stocking knitting time. I should be able to finish number 5 and get started on number 6 (the last one) this weekend. They’ll be all done in plenty of time and in the meantime I may manage to get my little cardigan finished. I’m making it in a cotton/silk yarn which should be perfect for warding off the damp morning chill on days that end up in the 70s by noon.

If you look at the (somewhat flash-washed) colors above you’ll see I went for the colors and yarn the pattern called for (ah, kidsilk haze, how do I love thee?)  or at least nearly the same. The shop had all but two of the colors in stock. I rumaged around, played with a few options and finally settled on these two substitutions:


For the color Dewberry, I substituted #579 Splendour and instead of Drab, I’m using 589 Majestic. You can see both of those colors at work in the second square (bottom right in the picture). I think they work fine and this way I’ll have a splendid, majestic wrap instead of a drab, dewberry one. 😉

Works for me.

I’m amused by the apparent size difference in those two balls. They are both full balls and factory wound but it looks like the machines were running a little faster they day they put up the Majestic yarn. It looks almost half the size of the other.

By the way, the wrap only takes about half of each ball of yarn. I have enough to make two if I want but what I may actually do is make the whole thing bigger. I’m thinking of adding one more column of squares (large square size column that is – the pattern uses two sizes of squares) and a few more rows of squares at the end. The additional squares would make it more clearly a wrap and not a scarf. I think I’d use a wrap version more – I certainly use my Birch shawl enough to support that theory. I’m going to finish it as written first and then decide.

I’ll keep you posted.


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