September 16, 2007


Posted in knitting at 2:00 pm by nephele

I was anxiously awaiting the preview of Knit.1 because I have a piece of knitting in it. Not my design, let me clarify that up front. I knit from the designer’s notes and sketches though so it is the first ever version of the garment. So, I was waiting. They finally updated the website but the skirt didn’t appear in any of the preview photos. I had to hold out for the issue to actually show up in stores.

Well it did. Worth the wait? Yeah, not so much.

First let me show you a picture of the skirt from right after it came off my needles, it hadn’t even been blocked yet:

Nice, yes? Not my style, I admit. Way to form fitting for me, but for those that can…

Someone involved in the photo shoot for the magazine decided that instead of wearing this as a high waisted skirt, it’d look better as a tube dress. Yeah, it doesn’t. Maybe if it were made to be a tube dress, but pulling it that high messed up all that lovely shaping. Oh, and speaking of that shaping, this shaping:

The published version of the pattern has it wrong. I had to do a lot of planning and thinking to put the increases and decreases where the designer wanted them and then they mess it up in the pattern.

So… Grrr. At least it’s not my own design. I’d be a lot more annoyed if it had my name on it. It was fun to knit anyway. I reviewed the yarn back in April if you’re curious.

Nope, still haven’t blocked the Mystery Stole. I have a good excuse though. My blocking wires are all here:
Ingrids shawl

Not my shawl. I’m blocking this for Ingrid. I plan to un-pin it tonight so maybe I’ll take care of the stole. No promises.

And in another smooth transition, I’ve got some more stockings done:

The candy cane one was a pain but I’ve no one to blame but myself. I drew the charts for most of these including the *#%@$ candy canes. They came out pretty good at least. If I’d had to wrestle with those and they were ugly… I’ve finished the foot on number four since I took this picture and I’ve started number 5 (of 6 total! The end is in sight!).

My dedication to getting these done has left me itching to start something new. I may have come home from the yarn shop with the supplies to make this scarf.

And in another brilliant segue, comments:

Sarah said:

Yowch! That’s not fun. I agree with Gretchen, ice cream is an excellent remedy!

Gretchen said:

Vicodin’s good. Ice cream also works well. Really soothes the sore jaw after oral surgery (ask me how I know.)

I’m way ahead of you! I bought (and ate) ice cream the day after the surgery. I may have eaten a pint of Ben & Jerry’s yesterday as well. It definitely helps.

I have a pretty low tolerence for Vicodin. I took one the first night and half of one the second. That’s about as much of that as I can  handle. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad. I managed to avoid any of the common complications. The bad news is that I have another wisdom tooth that needs to go. It’s on the other side so I decided to have them done seperately so I could at least half-chew. I’ll probably get the other taken care of next month. Good times.

I think I’ll go cast on that scarf now. 😉


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