September 12, 2007


Posted in Uncategorized at 4:57 pm by nephele

I had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday. A very LARGE wisdom tooth – even the dentist felt compelled to comment on its size and I imagine he’s seen a few.

So… ouch.

I still haven’t blocked the mystery stole but I have at least finished another stocking. I’m on number 4 now.

I think I’ll go home and take some more vicodin.



  1. Gretchen said,

    Vicodin’s good. Ice cream also works well. Really soothes the sore jaw after oral surgery (ask me how I know.)

  2. Sarah said,

    Yowch! That’s not fun. I agree with Gretchen, ice cream is an excellent remedy!

  3. Ingrid said,

    Ow, and I hope they’ve given you the good drugs;) Thank you for the shawl blocking! I’m in Seattle now but come back on the 22nd. For blocking my project while recovering from tooth extraction, you deserve more yarn treats. Also, I really like that skirt!

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