September 6, 2007

Bound Off…

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 5:23 pm by nephele

But not yet blocked. I’m referring to the Mystery Stole 3. I finished it last night. See:
Mystery Stole 3 off needles

I’ve got something else on the blocking wires at the moment so it may be a few days before I block my stole. No, I’m not holding out on you. I’m just blocking something for a friend. As soon as I’ve got that taken care of, I’ll block my stole.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it before but when I was winding the Prism Lace Wool for the stole I managed to snarl it. I ended up breaking it more or less in the middle. I wasn’t to worried. There are plenty of yarns I could have used that would have required two or more balls. I just figured I’d run out at some point and need to join the other half in. Turns out I was wrong. Here’s what’s left of that half ball:
MS3 yarn remnant

Apparently the yarn knew what it was doing when it snagged up. I love smart yarn. 🙂

Speaking of doing stuff for friends… I knit a baby sweater this spring as a surprise. To keep it a surprise I didn’t blog about it. I then gave it to her before I remembered to take any pictures. Luckily, she’s taken care of that for me. You can see it on her blog. The pattern is from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms. The yarn is Rowan Wool Cotton.

On the subject of knitting of others, the red and white thing is a Christmas stocking. It’s one of six that I’m knitting for a customer. I’ve finished knitting the first two and I’m on to number 3.

They still need the names duplicate stitched at the top, the leg seam sewn and all the yarn ends dealt with but you get the idea. They’re also going to get a few beads and sequins added to the main motifs.

I don’t normally take on custom jobs (except for the design prototypes I do once or twice a year). This was by way of a bail out for my LYS. They had a – now former – employee who took in custom orders, took home materials and then didn’t do anything more. The stockings were one of those projects. The customer came in last January (!) looking for someone to replicate the stockings her mother had made in 1969. It’s actually kind of fun but not something I’d want to make a habit of, I’ve got way too many things I want to knit as it is.

Robin said:

Liz, your shell looks great, and fits you well. A nice color too. BTW, I washed my pima silk sweater, and it came out perfectly – gentle cycle, laid flat to dry.

Thanks. I envy you your washing machine. I gave the shell a soak in Soak and most if not all of the newspaper ink came out.

I don’t think I mentioned this on the blog before but while carrying the Lutea shell around it managed to get a little too up close and personal with a newspaper. I ended up with a gray streak about waist level on the back. Naturally it was about 5 inches down from where I was working. Since the mark was almost perfectly horizontal, I decided to just keep going. If it didn’t wash out I was going to cut out the soiled yarn and graft in a clean piece. Luckily, I didn’t have to do that.

Sarah said:

Liz, that looks so cute on you! I’ll bet it feels great on, too, that Pima Silk is so soft.

It is indeed very soft. It makes me truly regret the need to wear a bra. I found myself petting it a bit while I was wearing it.

knittingnoob said:

Wow I’m famous! It really looks fantastic on you, well done!

I don’t know about famous but I know how excited I get when I see my blog linked to from other peoples sites, so I understand. 😉

Next time: Mystery Stole Blocking (I hope).


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