August 2, 2007

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 8:41 am by nephele

What big day? The day we will finally learn the theme of the Mystery Stole 3. Melanie said we will also find out why she wanted us to put that lifeline in. As much as I want to find out I also kind of don’t. I’ve been enjoying the whole mystery side of things. People have been making all kinds of guesses. Some of which I’ve immediately discounted but plenty of them made me go ‘hmm, could be.’ Once we know for sure we don’t get to speculate anymore. Still, there are only 3 clues left so the mystery can’t last too much longer. It may be that this next clue has something in it which totally gives the whole thing away. I guess I’ll know tomorrow.

You’ve probably noticed that I changed the theme again. That’s because as of August 1st we’re on to a new triad of color for Project Spectrum 2.0. The colors for August and September are bown, orange and purple. I didn’t do anything really for the last triad. I was a bit burnt out and wasn’t working on WTP swatches. This time it should be a bit easier. Anyone who knows me knows I love orange. A quick trip through my flickr photos yielded a few items:
tunisian purl crochetClapotis finishedrunway cardiganhalf circle bagLV sock2leaf progresssarahsock2forecast2

I probably have one or two tons of yarn in appropriate colors. One of these days I’ll have to get it all photographed so I can catalog it on Ravelry but here are a few samples:
sockstash 007sockstash 003sockstash 002sockstash 001sockstash 009BrazenHandspun from MylerDye Lot 1!

While I’m rummaging through my pictures I remembered I promised a picture of the Lutea Lace-Shoulder Shell (gack! What a horrible name. Lutea is okay but why all the rest of that, espectially the ‘lace-shoulder’ bit? Why not just Lutea Shell? -sigh-) Anyway… There isn’t much to look at yet but here you go:

It’s already a bit longer than this – gotta love stockinette in the round for speed – about 5 or so inches. It won’t really get interesting until I get to the armholes and those ‘lace-shoulders.’ Okay, so maybe there was a reason that’s in the name, but it’s kind of obvious from the pictures. I have 8 balls of the Cascade Pima Silk and I’m a good bit into ball number 2. This looks to be a quick knit. By the middle of August I should be wearing this. It is an orangy sort of pink so it might count for the Spectrum colors, right?

Emilee said:

I love the colors of your clapotis! The Mystery Stole is coming along nicely too. I’m not working on it myself, but it’s been a lot of fun monitoring everyone’s progress.

Thanks! I should have waited a couple of days to the Clapotis though. It’s perfect for current Project Spectrum colors. If I’d just waited two days… Oh well. I’ll just have to do better I guess.


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  1. Sarah said,

    I recognize that sock up there! Did you end up finishing those?

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