July 31, 2007

Il Est Fait*

Posted in Knitalongs at 4:03 pm by nephele

I bet you were beginning to think I never finished anything, huh? Well wonder no more. The Clapotis is complete. I haven’t blocked it yet but I don’t plan on doing more than giving it a light steaming since I like the corregated look of it.
Clapotis finished

Why yes, I do work in an art store. How did you guess? 

I bought the Brooks Farm Acero specifically for this project and I wanted to use it all up. The Acero comes in hanks of 420 yards. I bought 2, giving me a total of 840 yds. That’s more than the pattern calls for but the Acero is finer than the original yarn. They (Brooks Farm) call it fingering; I think it’s more like sport weight. I used a 4mm needle to knit this and the fabric is nice and drapey. Anyway back to using up the yarn… When I finished the first hank I put a couple of safety pins on the edges to mark where it ran out. I then counted the drop lines and worked with the second skein until I had one fewer drop line. At that point I started the end section of the pattern. It work out pretty well. Here’s how much yarn I had left:
All that is left

Before I forget, I did promise you a picture of the Mystery Stole now complete through clue 4. We find out what the theme is this Friday. We’ll also find out why she wanted us to put a lifeline in on one particular row (that’s the faint line near the top that’s pulling the sides in). I’m almost disappointed to be finding out. I want to know, but it’s fun to speculate. Oh well, there are only three clues left so the suspense wasn’t going to last that much longer anyway. In case you were wondering, pinned out like this the stole is about 20 inches wide and 4 feet long. When I wet block the finished piece it will probably come out even bigger. Oh and if I haven’t mentioned it lately, I’m using Prism Lace Wool in Fog and size 3.75mm needles.
MS3 Clue 4

Since the Clapotis is finished I, naturally, started another project. No pictures yet because there really isn’t much to see. The pattern is from the Summer Interweave. It’s called Lutea Lace-Shoulder Shell. It’s cuter than the name (it would almost have to be). I bought Cascade Pima Silk in a pale peachy pink which will look great with a chocolate brown skirt I have. Pictures next time when there’ll hopefully be something to see.

Gretchen said:

On Tunisian crochet: the Interweave Crochet of 2004/2005? (Interweave Knits’ first ever special crochet issue) has a good tutorial on the technique. I’m sure I’m going to try it some day. . .

I don’t have that issue. Did they cover Tunisian Purling? I checked Interweave’s website and they’ve sold out of that issue so I may do a tutorial anyway. I still have to resolve the picture taking issue though so it may be a bit before that shows up.

*Babelfish tells me this means “it’s done” and I’m taking that on trust.



  1. Emilee said,

    I love the colors of your clapotis! The Mystery Stole is coming along nicely too. I’m not working on it myself, but it’s been a lot of fun monitoring everyone’s progress.

  2. […] really hadn’t planned to buy any (much) yarn but I was wearing my Clapotis that day and the wool/bamboo/nylon sock yarn was an almost perfect match. Clearly, I had to have […]

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