July 18, 2007

Wednesday? Really?

Posted in Knitalongs at 8:43 am by nephele

Sheesh, where did the week go? I’ve been meaning to put up a Mystery Stole progress post since Sunday and here it is Wednesday already. Better late than never though, right?

So progress. I got my dates mixed up. Clue 3 was another normal size bit (50 rows). It’s this Friday’s clue that will be longer. Melanie told us it would be something like 130 rows, so more than double the normal size. Yay! Hopefully that’ll keep me busy a bit longer. Although, I have to say that it’s probably better that the chunks are such a quick finish for me. If I spent the entire week knitting on one thing I’d probably start to get a bit bored with it. As it stands, I spend two days concentrating on the stole and the next five working on other stuff.

No new guess on the theme yet. It still looks oriental to me and I’m going to stick with my Kali & Shiva idea. Some of the other MS3 knitters have guessed the Taj Mahal which fits well with my read of the design as Indian. Only time will tell. What do you think? Here it is after finishing clue 3:
MS3 Clue 3

There are going to be 7 clues in all so the the next longer clue should be the center of the design. Once that’s done maybe the theme will be clearer.

My commute knitting has been a combination of the tunisian crochet bag I mentioned previously and my clapotis. I have a pretty short commute – more time spent waiting for the bus than actually riding most days – so progress is slow. Because of my wrist problems I can only manage a row or two of the tunisian crochet before I have to put it down. It turns out that the tunisian hurts more than standard crochet. I think it’s the hook. Tunisian hooks look like a  knitting needle with a crochet hook instead of a point. They’re a little harder to grip than standard hooks which usually have a flattened area to hold on to. It may be that the stitch makes me twist my wrist more as well. Either way, this is going to be a long term project even though it’s just a little bag. I do finally have enough to show you though:
tunisian purl crochet

I’m going to persevere with this because I really like the texture. Just don’t expect to see it done any time soon.

Once I’ve done my row or two of the tunisian I switch to the clapotis and get a repeat or two done on that. I made it past the half way point recently. I bought two hanks of the Brooks Farm Acero for this project with the intention of using it up. I’m on the second hank now and it looks like my finished wrap will be about 70 inches long. I’m not tall (5′ 5″) but I’m big (size – yeah, like I’d confess that). 70 inches should be just perfect. I hadn’t taken a progress shot in a while so I threw it on my office chair and took a quick snapshot:
clapotis progress

I think I’m going to like this a lot when it’s finished. I love the colors and the yarn has a real interesting drape to it. It’s very light and almost feels like linen even though it’s more than half wool (60% Super Wash Wool / 20% Silk / 20% Viscose to be specific). I may have to get some more of this yarn to make a sweater. They make a few solid colors that would be great to work up with a pattern stitch. Maybe next Stitches. It’s not like I need more yarn right now anyway (it’s not like that fact will stop me either – addicted? Moi?).

Only two more days until MS3 clue 4.



  1. Sarah said,

    Thanks for reminding me — I got halfway through clue three and put it down to power through the last of that spinning project. I’d better finish that chart today!

  2. Kathryn said,

    Love your progress on the MS3 and am especially keen on the tunisian crochet. I’ve never done anything other than the plain afghan stitch with a tunsian hook.

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