July 12, 2007

The Waiting…

Posted in Knitalongs at 5:12 pm by nephele

…Is the Hardest Part.

Waiting for the next piece of the Mystery Stole 3 Pattern that is. I can’t wait to see what comes next and how it may change my idea about the theme (or comfirm it, perhaps). But I have to wait. I have no choice! Aaaaaarrrrgggh!

Okay, I’m better now. Heck, it’s almost Friday. I don’t have to wait much at all now. Tomorrow morning I’ll get a nice big pattern chunk to keep me happy for a bit. Next week will be harder. We aren’t getting a pattern clue that Friday because Melanie wants to read Harry Potter instead. I guess I’ll have to do the same thing. Either that or knit slower this time. Yeah, that’ll happen. I am having fun, really. The anticipation is all part of working on a mystery project. I did one of the mystery shawls a while back and had a lot fun trying to guess what would come next. 

I’m actually kind of hoping the next part of the pattern has me rethinking my theme guess. I don’t really want to solve the mystery this early. It’s like figuring out who-done-it befor you get halfway through a detective novel. It’d spoil all the fun.

In the meantime I started another project. Are you shocked? It is so unlike me. I’m playing with some tunisian crochet. I found a pattern in a Crochet Today magazine for a placemat that used tunisian purl stitch. I’d never heard of it but it looked interesting. I made a slightly shorter chain but otherwise I’m following the pattern. The plan is to keep going until I get short of yarn and fold this in half to make a bag. It’s possible I’ll get bored first.

Crochet is slow going for me these days. I learned to crochet before I learned to knit by a couple of years. I got good at it. Good enough to make up my own designs. My problem now is computer induced carpel tunnel pain. The twisting motion required by crochet makes my wrist hurt pretty quickly. I’m okay doing a quick edging but making a project, especially one made of cotton yarn, will be slow going. Still, it’s good to know I remember how to do this stuff. Maybe I should get my bobbin lace back out… Hmmm, bobbin lace insertions for a knitted t-shirt? Or maybe tatted… Ack! To many ideas!

I think I’ll just go knit on my Clapotis until the next MS3 clue comes out.

PS: Ingrid, when do want to have a knit-night? If you’re hosting, you need to pick a date.

PPS: Ingrid, where are those pictures?

Okay, off to knit.


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