July 8, 2007

Okay, I’m Ready to Guess

Posted in Knitalongs at 10:52 am by nephele

Lots of people (6700 people) are busy working on their Mystery Stole 3s. Many of those folks have been trying to guess what the theme might be. Melanie gave us a few clues but mostly in the negative – it’s not Harry Potter related for instance. She did tell us that the most obviously appropriate colors (for those that worry about that sort of thing) would be black or white. She also mentioned that the white version wouldn’t necessarily make a good bridal wrap. So it started. We did our swatches.
MS3 Swatch

And lots of guesses were made based on this stitch pattern. We were warned though that the pattern was just something to play with so that we could get a needle and yarn combo that we liked. Still the guesses came in.

Then we got clue #1. I was a bit slow knitting it but did manage to finish up by the night of the 4th.
MS3 clue 1 complete

People were seeing all sorts of things in that border pattern and central motif. More guesses came poring in. Lots of classical mythology guesses. Lots of other guesses, some of them getting deliberately silly (a craps table with fuzzy dice in the middle). One person found a website with some archeological images on it. One of them had a border pattern that did look a lot like our border but the central image didn’t look anything like our motif.

Then clue 2 shows up. Clearly I was in the mood to knit lace last Friday. I got all but 12 rows done and finished those up on Saturday.
MS3 clue 2

I pinned this out to take a picture and a good look. It’s starting to look a little eastern to me. The first Mystery Stole was based on Leda and the Swan (Greek). The Second stole was based on the 1001 Nights (Arabian). I think this one may be taking us even further to the east. I’m thinking it looks a bit Indian. So here is my guess:

The goddess Kali and her consort Shiva. Kali is often depicted with jet black or blue black skin. Shiva is ash white in color. Since the white version represents the male deity it wouldn’t be good for a bride.

What do you think? We’ve still got five more clues to go. The next piece could complete change the look. It’s going to be fun finding out.

Ingrid said:

Hi Liz! The shawl looks great – just wanted to thank you for the gorgeous baby cardigan! Gwyneth is wearing it as I type; I’ll post a photo today:) I miss knitting with everyone – anyone up for a knit night at my house sometime?

So… where are the pictures? (This is something I worked on without blogging about last month because it was a surprise. Then I gave it to Ingrid without taking a picture first.) Hopefully, you’ll get to it soon…

I’d be up for a knit night at your place. I can get some dog hair in my Clapotis – he matches the color nicely 🙂  Anyone else?



  1. Shelley said,

    I like your guess. I think you could be right. I have no guess yet.

  2. Sarah said,

    Your shawl is looking fabulous, Liz! I think yours is a good a guess as any I’ve heard, I do think the motif has an Eastern vibe.

  3. Gretchen said,

    I’m up for knitting with Ingrid and Gwyneth!

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