July 8, 2007

Help Wanted – Summer Tweed

Posted in Yarn Stash at 11:51 am by nephele

Posting on behalf of a friend this time…

She’s knitting up a jacket in Rowan Summer Tweed from an old kit. The trouble is her gauge is tight but she likes the fabric she’s getting and doesn’t want to change needles (besides, she half done and it’s all intarsia). So I’m putting out a call for help. If you’ve got a stray hank of Summer Tweed floating around in your stash that you’d be willing to trade (for a different color or a different yarn or even the same color in a different dyelot)… Please help!

She needs one more skein of each of these:

#500 Powder (lt. blue) dyelot 30I2
#513 Dew (lt. green) dyelot 15K1
#526 Angel (lt. pink) dyelot 21J2
#515 Raffia (tan) dyelot 23D2
#507 Rush (khaki) dyelot 23D2
#525 Blueberry (lt. purple) dyelot 21J2
#528 Brilliant (fushia) dyelot 21J2
#506 Ghost (lt. grey) dyelot 29E2

If you find some of these lurking in your stash, please send me an email at nephelebATgmailDOTcom (replace AT with @ and DOT with . )

Thanks for checking and fingers crossed!


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