June 27, 2007

Cultivating Virtue

Posted in Knitalongs at 10:52 am by nephele

The virtue in question is patience. I don’t have a lot of it. I’m always amused by all the random people who see me knitting and lament that they don’t have the patience to knit. Hah! If I was patient, I wouldn’t knit as much as I do. It’s precisely because I’m impatient that I need to knit. I knit waiting for appointments, standing in lines, sitting at the bus stop and riding the bus.

I don’t own a car and there’s no way I could survive that without knitting. My daily commute is pretty easy: one bus and only a couple of miles, but I’d still go nuts without my yarn. In the winter when it’s raining and all the Christmas shoppers are heading to the mall my little commute can get bogged down in accident induced traffic. One time it was so bad that it actually took two hours to go two miles! Of course it was raining and I had a bunch of shopping with me so I didn’t want to walk. Fortunately I had plenty of yarn. If I’d run out who knows what would have happened. I might have had to resort to frogging some of my work just so I could reknit it! Scary.

So now I’m all set to start my Mystery Stole #3 but I have to be patient because we won’t get the first part of the pattern until Friday morning. I’ve done my swatch:
MS3 Swatch
Unless I want to swatch again with different needles (I don’t, I’m pretty happy with this) there’s nothing more to do until Friday. I can’t even cast on because I don’t know if we need to do a provisional cast on or some other specific type. -sigh-

To keep my busy I’ve been working on some of my other projects. I finished the long flap/pocket segment for the Halfcircle Bag (sorry no photo). Now I just need to do the side gusset/shoulder strap bit. I’m going to do a provisional cast on, knit the strap, then do a three needle bind off to assemble the bag parts and turn the strap into a tube. I’m making this part up as I go. We’ll see how that works 😉

The sample socks I was making out of Zarina got frogged. I had them with me at the LYS when a customer came in desperate for one more ball of that same color. She was happy to take it as is and better she should be able to finish her socks since mine where just samples, right? I picked out another color and started again. I was bored with plain stockinette by now so these have a little pattern on them:
zarina socks
I think you can just about tell that the second sock spirals in the other direction. It has the added advantage of showing how a pattern will look with a variagated yarn. Plus it’s less boring to knit.

Since I’m constitutionally incapable of project faithfulness, I’ve also picked my Clapotis back up. It has joined the zarina socks as my current commute knitting.

The mystery stole probably won’t be commute knitting. I won’t know until I see the charts. I’m pretty good and memorizing patterns and reading the knitting. If there is any section of the stole that has pattern repeats it could have commute potential but there’s still the issue of the beads. I don’t fancy dealing with on a city bus. I’ll probably carry it around to work on at the yarn shop and prehaps on my lunch breaks at work but most of the work will end up being done at home. Fortunately I have Netflix to keep me company.

Cathy-Cate said:

Love those beads with that yarn — gorgeous!

Wish I had some idea about the theme to be able to pick colors/yarns/beads better — but I really have no clue; other than Swan Lake, which seems not likely given a prior swan-themed stole, I just don’t resonate with any of the other theme guesses. But I guess that’s what makes it fun! And if it doesn’t ‘match’ the theme, it’ll still be beautiful based on Melanie’s other designs, eh?

Thanks! The Prism I’m using was stash yarn and the closest thing I had to the suggested black or white with enough yardage.  I took the hank with me to the bead shop and held the little bags of beads up to it until I found one I liked. There was a soft purple that I like even better with the most of the colors but it looked really bad next to the tan bits. The beads I picked looked good next to all of the colors. If I was using a solid color yarn I might have been a bit more adventurous with beads. As it is, I think it’ll be complicated enough without adding another visual texture.

As to the theme, I don’t think Swan Lake is it. Not because she’s already used swans but because she said it wouldn’t make a good bridal stole. Most people would think a stole based on a ballet about swans would make a fine bridal accessory. If it won’t be a good bridal stole there’s got to be something obviously inappropriate. Unless Melanie is being extra cautious and it’s really just something about the back story that’s non-bridal. Oh, the mystery of it all!
Sarah said:

I’m definitely curious about why b&w is so appropriate for the stole theme…I can’t wait for the first clue!

Now, now, patience is a virtue! 😉

Back to trying to practice what I just preached…



  1. adrienne said,

    Your mystery stole is going to be beautiful!

  2. Cathy-Cate said,

    Actually, I think Swan Lake, romantic ballet though it is, wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate for a wedding, because everybody dies in it. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet! Romance, yes; but no wedding bells for the star-crossed lovers. So I still think that might fit — white swan, black swan. Otherwise, no clue here!
    Just wound up my white-ish yarn tonight, ready to knit, after knitting clue 1 in black. I don’t think I”ll be able to keep up knitting two stoles, unless I did no other knitting and refused to interact with my family, but at least I’ll start it!

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