June 21, 2007

Dead and loving it!

Posted in Knitalongs at 5:37 pm by nephele

I didn’t get very far in the current round of Death-by-Socks. Unfortunately the revised start date coinsided with a bit of a heat wave here that left me feeling drained and uninterested in doing much knitting. All of which means that before I could finish my killer socks, I got killed.

The pattern we worked with this time made a rather large, loose sock but that was okay with me. We were using DK weight yarn which meant they’d end up as slippers or bedsocks anyway and loose is better for that.

My doom (don’t they look cozy?):
Death by Socks socks for me

My unfinished weapons (don’t they look big?):
my unfinished Death by Socks socks

At least I was killed with kindness. In addition to the socks I received a gorgeous hank of handspun wool and mohair:
Handspun from Myler

I’m already itching to play with it. I’m sure I’ll have at least one swatch by this time tomorrow.

Speaking of swatches, I’ve really got to get back into the WTP swatch habit. I dropped that ball during the month-that-wasn’t. I’ve got a big list of swatches that I signed up for and I haven’t worked on any of them. I’ve been a bad knitter. 😦

Now is a good time though. I’m out of Death-by-Socks round 2 so I don’t have to worry about that. I won’t get the first clue for the Mystery Shawl until the end of next week and that’s not a race or competition anyway (not that that’ll stop me from being competitive), the only pressure there is self inflicted. So, yeah, back to swatching.

Gretchen said:

Black or white best express the theme? Would that mean a spiderweb (but most lace shawls could be spiderwebs)? Or a shroud. . . now THAT’S a creepy thought!  

Oh, I just read the stole-along link– it must be the cloak of invisibility!

PS: If you like Hogwarts, see www.keplers.com for all kinds of Harry Potter-related doodads. They’ve got wands for sale!

Actually one of the few things she’s said is that it’s not Harry Potter related. She just wants to read the book right away and thought some of us might as well. Other than that, she’s happily letting us guess away. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone even comes close to the right answer.

Well, I’m off to go knit some swatches.



  1. Sarah said,

    I’m definitely curious about why b&w is so appropriate for the stole theme…I can’t wait for the first clue!

  2. Michele said,

    Your socks are very pretty. The socks do look at tad large. I’m just visiting sites of those that participated; I can not wait to play. Good luck next time!

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