June 12, 2007


Posted in Knitalongs, knitting, Secret Pal 10 at 11:48 am by nephele

After surfacing from my crappy month-that-wasn’t, I caught a bad case of startitis. I wanted to cast on for dozens of different things. I managed to contain myself somewhat. You already know about the Lime & Violet socks. I’ve turned the heel on the first sock:
LV sock2

I also made good progress on the Half-circle Bag:
half circle bag

Actually, this one was surprising. Despite the stated yarn requirements, I got both of these done with only one ball (out of three) of the Freedom wool and about half a ball of the 220 Heather.  Given that, I decided to make a couple more changes. I’m going to make a gusset so that the bag will be bigger. I also decided to make the third panel longer. When I assemble everything this long panel:
half circle bag2
will become the front flap and the lining for an outside back pocket. I’m also planning a mini version as a cell phone bag if there’s enough yarn left. Should be cute.

The owner of my LYS asked me to make a sample pair of kids socks out of Zarina. So I started those:
zarina sock

Zarina is a sport weight merino. It should make nifty socks but no one seems to be noticing it. Hopefully the samples will help sell the yarn, that’s the intent after all.

I’m also working on a design for a child’s vest – again for the shop – using Samoa. It should be cute (fingers crossed) but I’m still at the swatching stage so no pictures yet.

I’m  fighting the urge to cast on even more new things but I know I’ll fall off the wagon tomorrow. The new round of Death by Socks got postponed due to some problems people had getting their yarn. We’re now scheduled to start tomorrow. I’ll have to cast on something new then. I won’t have a choice, darn. 😉

June is the final month for the Secret Pal 10 exchange. I see from the comments that my mystery friend is putting together her last batch of goodies. I can hardly wait! I’m also trying to decide what to put in my last package for my spoilee. I’ve already got some yarn set aside for her. I just need to decide what else to put in the box. I do have some ideas but I want to give it more thought. This is the big reveal package where we finally admit who we are to our giftees and I want to make sure it’s memorable.

This was my first Secret Pal exchange and it has been great.  I plan to sign up for the next one as soon as it becomes available. I know there are a lot of other exchanges going on in blogland. I may have to look in to some of the others but I don’t want to go nuts – something I’m easily capable of doing – so I probably won’t sign up for anything else just yet. We’ll see how long I manage to hold out. Bets anyone?


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