June 7, 2007

Two in a row

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Posting two days in a row? Must be a sign of the apocalypse. Or perhaps it’s just a sign that I’m doing a little better (fingers crossed, not jynxing anything).

I didn’t promise it’d be a long post but I did promise a sock-in-progress picture. So here it is:
LV Socks

This is the Lisa Souza Sock! in Lime & Violet.  I cast on a multiple of 4 sts (68 in this case) and started 2×2 ribbing. I got the urge to add something but I didn’t want to do anything too complicated with all this color contrast so I just added a little detail band. Specifically, after 12 rounds of ribbing I purled one round, knit 3 rounds, ribbed again for 2 rounds, knit 3 again and purled 1 round. After that I just went back to plain ribbing. I’ll keep the ribbing going all the way down the instep and then I’ll probably throw in one purl row before I start the toe shaping. Since I have an odd multiple of 4 (68/4=17) I won’t have any trouble centering the rib over the foot. I think I’ll probably do the heel flap in rib as well. I normally use heel stitch but that’s mostly for the look of it. I almost never wear shoes that are closed in back; I’m a clogs and sandles kind of girl. I don’t need the heel stitch for durability. That’s why the lace on the Bumblebug socks invades the heel flap, because it can.

I cast on something else this morning on the bus ride to work:
half circle bag

This is the start of the Half-circle Bag from Knitters. The teal yarn in the center is the Twilley’s Freedom Wool that my Secret Pal sent me. The dark purplish-brown yarn is Cascade 220 Heather. I wanted another simple project to work on that would be on bigger needles than a sock.

I’m going to need that non sock project to cool down from the next round of Death By Socks which starts tomorrow. This time we’re using heavier wool and a bit larger needle but it’ll still be a lot of stitches in as little time as possible. I don’t have the pattern yet – we get it tomorrow – but I hear it has cables. Should be fun. Hopefully I can last more than 1 round this time.

I got a couple of comments overnight (Hooray, someone’s still reading despite my long break)

Gretchen said:

Yay! Glad you’re back to blogging! No knitting news here, just unravelling a couple of UFOs so that they’re now even-less-finished objects to be started when I get a better idea of what they should become. Oh, that and tendonitis in my right elbow. . . majorly aggravated by knitting and mouse-clicking. . .

I get that – also in the right elbow. I’ve found that wearing a tennis-elbow brace whenever it flares up helps a lot. Most often it crops up when I’ve been doing rush knitting right before TNNA. Resting is even better for it but that would mean not knitting. There’s only so long I can go before I need to knit something. It’s an addiction.

I’ve thought about frogging a few of my numerous UFOs but I still want them. I did frog a barely started pair of fingerless mittens but everything else is on needles waiting for me to be in the mood to work on them. Fortunately knitting is very patient.

Your UK secret pal said:

Hey! Glad you are back! Hope June works out better for you.

I hope you typed that with fingers crossed! I’m hoping it’s better to but I don’t want to tempt the fates or anything. 🙂


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  1. Your UK secret pal said,

    Hello again! Just a quick note to let you know that your secret pal package for June is in the post to you… so 7-10 days from now it should hit your mailbox. I hope you like it.

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