June 6, 2007

There is no May

Posted in Knitalongs, Secret Pal 10 at 9:52 am by nephele

Not this year, not for me – except for all the nifty goodies in my May secret pal package, that part I liked. There rest of the month, not so much. It’s probably just as well that I wasn’t blogging. It wouldn’t have been pretty. Fortunately for all of us, I was too tired to write anything. But now the month-that-wasn’t is over and I’m going to try to get back to normal. We’ll see how that goes.

I managed to drop by a couple of days ago and reset the theme to match the new Project Spectrum colors for June and July: red, black and metallic. WordPress added this theme about a month ago and was I thrilled to see it. They had some black and some red but no good black and red themes before. The timing on this was perfect.

I have been knitting, the only thing that preserved the remnants of my sanity. I finished up the two pairs of socks I was working on as in-class teaching examples. It’s been too warm to have any use for the bed-socks but I’ve worn the Regia silk socks a couple of times already. I must buy more Regia silk. The knitted fabric felt a bit softer than the usual stuff but the real difference was in the wearing. They felt great on. I think I’ll get some of the solid colors and use them with the Cookie A. sock pattens. It was nice having a couple of small mindless projects going so I decided to start another simple pair of socks. I’m using the Lisa Souza Lime&Violet sock yarn I got at stitches. It’s perfect for something simple since the yarn colors are so high contrast. I’m just doing 2×2 rib with a little detail band near the top. I’ll get pictures for next time.

I worked on another design prototype for my friend. Details on that when I’m allowed to post them.

I also finished up that white doll sweater. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before I handed it off to my friends. The same friend asked if I’d make her a scarf out of a ball of yarn she’d picked up. I did, but didn’t take pictures of it either. I’m supposed to do a fall sweater for the doll too.  I’ll try to do better about the pictures with that one.

I do have one picture,  not of a finished item though. This is the progress I’ve made on the Leaf cardigan:
leaf progress

I decided to go with an i-cord bind off. Since I’m short waisted, I’m going to make it about two inches shorter than the pattern suggests. I want it to just reach my waist. If I went to the directed length it would be hovering over my hipbones. All of which means I’ve only got about two or three inches to go. Since I decided on the i-cord and won’t have the hemmed bit to stabilize the front opening edges, I’m doing an i-cord edging there too. With the i-cord neckband it should all work together nicely.

Since I clearly have too much time on my hands (as evidenced by all the blog posts I’ve been doing) I decided to sign up for Ravelry. I got my invite last weekend and have started putting up a few things. They’re still in beta and are swamped with invite requests. If you signed up for the waiting list, be patient. It took them about two and a half weeks to get an invite out to me. They have added some more info that you can look at with out signing in. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can get a better idea now of why you might want to. One thing it’s got me doing is going back through all of my UFOs. It’s reminding me of why I wanted to start blogging in the first place (besides the secret to desire to be the yarnharlot– or at least to be that popular. Reach for the stars, right?). I think Ravelry might actually help keep me blogging rather than take away from blogging time.

During the month-that-wasn’t I hit another little milestone in my blogging life. I got tagged with a meme. My Secret Pal was the tagger. She emailed me:

My sister has just tagged me with a meme to list 7 strange or unusual facts about yourself. The ideas is you put them on your blog, then tag 7 more people by leaving them a message on their blog.

This particular meme has pretty much made the rounds so I won’t tag anyone by name. If you haven’t done it and you have a blog, consider yourself tagged 🙂

  1. My internet user name Nephele comes from Greek mythology. When I first really started using the internet I got involved in Hercules TV show fandom. I even wrote some fan fiction. The convention in that group was to use Greek myths to pick a pen-name. It wasn’t compulsory but it seemed like a good idea. I’ve been using the name so long, it’s almost automatic now. It has the advantage of being much more likely to be available than Liz.
  2. I own 4 guitars, 1 mandoline, 1 viola, 1 violin, 7 recorders, 1 harp, 1 keyboard, 2 bagpipe chanters, 1 ocarina, 2 harmonicas. I can play all of them (with various degrees of skill)
  3. I do lots of creative/artistic type things but I only seem to be able to do one at a time. These days it’s knitting. Consequently, I haven’t written any stories for a long time and haven’t put in much practice on all those instruments I mentioned in number 2. I also draw and paint, but again, not lately. I’m sort of a serial Jack-of-all-trades.
  4. I have (off and on) been trying to learn Latin just for fun.
  5. I love it when it’s windy out. It messes with my allergies but I don’t care. I love blustery windy days.
  6. Speaking of weather, this is my favorite kind of sky:morning sky eastmorning sky looking up
  7. My other internet addiction is Neopets.

I’ve got a couple of comments to catch up on…

Nancy Ingram said

I was at my LYS today and in walked Tib from your LYS. I told her that I sent you an email about a month ago and it bounced back. She gave me updates about Marilyn returning and Ingrid and Tracy leaving. I love your blog and the photos are quite impressive!!

There is no place like the LYS. I miss it and all of you.

Nancy! Hi!! Sorry about the email bouncing. Our provider was messing with things about that time and all kinds of stuff bounced. I saw Tib recently and she mentioned running in to you. Did she tell you that Ingrid has a blog too? It’s over here. I’m a lousy letter writer but I’ll try to send you an email soon.

Your UK secret pal said:

Hi! I am so pleased that you liked your package. I had a lot of fun searching out just the right kind of yarn to send you: something unusual, something natural but with a twist of luxury, the right kind of colours etc. It is also so much fun to put together all the other little bits and pieces that make the whole package (hopefully) a treat. I was pleased that you seemed to like them, and was thrilled to see my charm on your phone.

I agonised over the yarn… I was not sure whether the colourways were too similar or not… but I am pleased that you feel they could be used either separately or together for a larger project.

I got my first ever sock kit from my secret pal today so I am joining the ranks of sock knitters. I might have to come back and ask you for advice on the heel dividing and turning!

I hope that this week is turning out better for you than last week was. I know what it is like to have work take over everything for a while. Not only does it leave you drained, but I find it takes so long to get back into the swing of things once the rest of life’s patterns are disrupted.

Welcome to the sock side 😉 It’s like the dark side but our feet are warmer.

As you can probably tell, the month-that-wasn’t never really did get better but it did at least have the courtesy to end. I figure it’s just some sort of karmic balance. All those other knitters where having fun at their spring fiber festivals and I helped balance it out. Next year it’s someone else’s turn.

Trust me, you are doing a great job picking out yarn and goodies for me. I love it all. I think I mentioned last time that I found a project for the Freedom yarn. I finally picked out a contrast color. It’s a deep, heathered aubergine. The sort of color that changes from brown to purple depending on the light. I think it offsets the teal beautifully. I’m still looking for the perfect project for the Compass yarn but I’ve got some thoughts. I may just have to do some swatches and design something myself.

phoenix said:

Hmm.. I can’t imagine why anyone might think you would enjoy some silk/wool yarn. 

Yeah, wasn’t that silly. 😉

Okay, I think I’m more or less caught up. I’ll try and get some more pictures for next time (and I’ll try and make next time a LOT sooner).



  1. Your UK secret pal said,

    Hey! Glad you are back! Hope June works out better for you.

  2. Gretchen said,

    Yay! Glad you’re back to blogging! No knitting news here, just unravelling a couple of UFOs so that they’re now even-less-finished objects to be started when I get a better idea of what they should become. Oh, that and tendonitis in my right elbow. . . majorly aggravated by knitting and mouse-clicking. . .

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