April 25, 2007

Resolution? What Resolution?

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I’ve been pretty quiet this month. I think my average has strayed closer to 1 post a week instead of two. So much for the new year’s resolution. Maybe I need to renew it each quarter year?

 I have at least been knitting. So far this month I’ve added 8 more swatches to the Walker Treasury Project. One of the contests they’re running is for the most swatches in the month of April. Think I have a shot?
wtp 12 to 19

As you can see, I’ve switched over to the new triad of colors for Project Spectrum 2.0. Just in time for spring! It’s given me an itch to make a lacy little spring cardigan. The challenge is trying to decide which lace pattern to use. I’ve got some bright pink Jaeger Trinity which would be perfect for it.

These swatches do come in handy when it comes to make stuff for myself. Remember that handspun sock yarn Sarah gave me? This stuff:

I had to frog the sock I’d started with it. I was working toe up and had almost gotten to the heel but I’d used two thirds of the ball to get there! I might have made the heel turning but there wouldn’t have been any leg to the sock. Also, the fabric was coming out a little too dense. So, off to the pond.

On the second try, I went up a needle size and cast on fewer stitches. I also decide to try a lace pattern. This is where the swatches came in to play. Having knit several of them, I quickly picked this one:
Traveling Ribbed Eyelet

I did a provisional cast on and started with the leg this time. I figured I could always use something else for the toes and cuff if I needed to.  It turns out the changes were just enough. I finished the toe with a little bit to spare. I went back to the beginning, took off the provisional cast on and started knitting the other way. There wasn’t very much yarn left so I’m just going to do a couple of rounds of garter and bind off. I didn’t get a picture of it yet. Next time, promise.

elanknits said:

What issue of knit1 is your skirt in? I’ve got a purse in the upcoming summer issue.

First off, congratulations on your purse. I’ll be sure and look for it. Now to your question, the skirt was sent off last week. Given the usual lead time for magazines, it should be in the winter issue.

I have to clarify one thing though, it’s not my design. The designer is Wilma Peers. I’m a prototype knitter. Basically I take her swatches, sketches, notes and sometimes started project and make a finished garment, all the while trying to take good notes so she can write up the pattern. I get the fun part of knitting up a new thing, she gets the icky part of having to write up a multi-size pattern for publication. I get paid for my work, usually in yarn though cash is an option if I prefer – I don’t as a rule. I mostly enjoy the work – sometimes the deadlines can make things a little annoying, especially when they change it on you in the middle. In the middle of the two weeks I had to make the skirt the magazine decided they wanted it 4 days earlier! I work full time and they took away one of the weekends. That got a little crazy and resulted in some design simplification. The most iritating thing about it though was that I’d no sooner finished but they decided they didn’t need it early after all. -sigh- It’s still mostly fun or I wouldn’t be doing it. Besides, you know, free yarn. 🙂



  1. Emilee said,

    You are a swatching SUPERSTAR!

  2. Sarah said,

    I love seeing your swatches pop up on the WT site — you’ve done some fun ones! I can’t wait to see how those socks turn out. 🙂

  3. Your UK secret pal said,

    Well done on finishing the skirt! Shame you had to pull the picture, it looked so interesting, so I look forward to seeing it when the official releases are out.

    I just wanted to let you know that I am still thinking of you, and have just posted another SP10 package off to you, so look out for the post in 7-10 days’ time!

    I hope that you enjoy the things I have chosen for you.

    The weather is beautiful here at the moment, and everyone’s gardens are bursting into flower, so the wonderful colours in the handspun sock yarn are just right for the time of year.

  4. phoenix said,

    I’ve been enjoying your swatches as well. They’re lovely! I have a question for you about contributing to WTP. When you joined, did your dashboard become flooded with updates for the site? If so, did this bother you at all?

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