April 17, 2007

Back to What Passes For Normal

Posted in knitting at 4:09 pm by nephele

The prototype of the skirt for Knit.1 is finished. I still can’t show the whole thing but here’s another bit:

Oops, sorry.  The designer asked me to remove the picture until the Knit.1 releases images. The bit I had shown was probably okay, but only probably. Better safe than sorry.

I do have a few things to say about the yarn in the above. The yarn was one of the new offerings from Kollage called Delicious. It is a 100% soy knitted tape yarn in a worsted weight.

The picture above shows the piece as it was right off the needles, it hasn’t been blocked. I think you can tell from that the yarn is very even and stable. The hem may need a bit of steam but the rest of it is just fine as is. It also has an unevenness to the dye that is similar to that of kettle dyed yarns. I like that a lot, especially on a smooth stockinette piece like this. It adds visual interest. Being soy, the yarn is very soft in the hand but not at all snaggy. I probably wouldn’t want to use my pointier needles with this yarn but it was just fine on my Addi Turbos.

That’s the good news. There is a bit of bad. The biggest complaint I have is that every single hank of this yarn had at least one and sometimes two knots in it. I was knitting in the round so I didn’t even have seams to hide yarn ends in.  That was frustrating. Hopefully it’s growing pains on a new product and things will be better on later batches. The other concern is the dye. I noticed some transfer to my hands as I worked with this yarn. If I’d been using wooden needles they would have been stained. There are many yarns that do this though. If all it takes is a wash to to get rid of the excess dye then this isn’t a major issue. Just don’t wear you newly finished item with white clothes until you’ve check on this.

Overall I think the review is a good one. The yarn feels appropriately delicious and looks great. The knots would have bothered me less in a garment the had seams and I think the dye will settle down after a soak. I would happily use the yarn again if the price is reasonable, though I’d probably buy an extra skein to cover the inches lost to knots.

That’s it on that subject at least until the magazine comes out.

Now I can go back to knitting other things. I do have an item or two that I want to work on for Secret Pal so I’ll have to go to stealth mode for those but they don’t have as tight a deadline. I won’t have to work on only those projects and nothing else.

Oh the freedom! What to pick… After the rush job, I’m dying to start to something new – which is ridiculous. Maybe I’ll just work on WTP swatches for a day or two to satisfy the startitis. Which reminds me, I need to sign up for some new swatches. I’ve only got one left. I better go do that before somebody else snags my choices.



  1. elanknits said,

    What issue of knit1 is your skirt in? I’ve got a purse in the upcoming summer issue.

  2. […] own design. I’d be a lot more annoyed if it had my name on it. It was fun to knit anyway. I reviewed the yarn back in April if you’re […]

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