April 12, 2007

More Goodies!

Posted in knitting at 8:58 am by nephele

I’m one of those people who never seems to win anything, at least not when the contest is based on random luck. So imagine my surprise when I actually did win a randome drawing! The folks over at Romancing the Yarn often have drawings for destashing give aways. I usually don’t put my name in but this time it was for some sock yarn in a brand I’ve never tried so I though, what the heck. There were a few different batches of sock yarn on offer that day but I only put my name in for one of them and I won!

I got the package the other day and there was a bonus inside. The authors of Romancing the Yarn are all authors, that is to say published novelists. In addition to the yarn I got a book (my two favorite addictions in one package) see:

Barbara autographed the book too:

In case you can’t read it, the middle section says “Some knitting content!” I think this will go perfectly with the bath salts, chocolate and insense my Secret Pal sent me. It may be a bit cliche but it still sounds like a very relaxing afternoon to me.

So here it is Thursday already and I’m just now putting up my first post of the week. What gives? I am knitting. The trouble is I can’t really blog about it. I’m working on another prototype for my designer friend. I can tell you it’s a skirt and it’s planned for publication in Vogue’s Knit 1, I believe. Based on the timing (it’s due the 24th) I suspect it will be the fall issue but it might be winter. It’s hard to tell because they have to do the photo shoots so far in advance. When it comes out I’ll be sure and let you know. In the meantime, I’ll tease you with this:

Ingrid said:

Wow – those BW swatches are gorgeous! And I love the new layout:) Thank you for the great baby blanket square! I have photos posted of the finished product:)

Thanks! The layout is temporary though. It’ll change again in June when the Project Spectrum colors change.

I saw the photos of the assembled blanket – very cute. I’m sure it’ll come in handy real soon. 🙂

Sarah said:

Your Treasury Project swatches are gorgeous! And yes, there are a few shades of green I don’t love…not many, though.

The swatches are a fun little side project. I’m really liking the current batch of colors. They’re very happy. The finished throw that I plan to put them all in is going to be very… interesting.

Speaking of the WTP swatches, I’ve got another goodie on the way to me. One of the contests was for posting 3 or more swatches in April. As you saw last time, I’ve already sent in 4. So I’ll be getting a prize for that soon. I’m thinking of trying for the “Most Swatch Posts in April” thing too, but this skirt project is getting in the way of that. Oh well. Maybe once I get the skirt done I can churn out a few more swatches. Time will tell…


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