April 5, 2007


Posted in knitting, Secret Pal 10 at 9:09 am by nephele

The mail arrived a little late yesterday but when it finally showed up I found this:

Interesting. What’s that label in the corner…

Royal Mail… could it be? Why yes, yes it is, my first Secret Pal package! I could hardly wait to see what was inside. So I didn’t

All kinds of goodies. Once I unfolded the tissue paper and brushed aside the cute Easter confetti I found all of this inside:

Looking at the non woolly items I foresee a very decadent soak in the bath in my near future. 

There’s an assortment of regional chocolate, bath salts (how did you know I have hard water?) and jasmine insense.

My new Pal didn’t scrimp on the woolly goodness either!

A ball of dark brown Donegal Tweed and three ballls of very pretty teal wool. In the card, my Pal explained why she’d chosen those particular yarns and mentioned that the Freedom wool felts beautifully. I’m already plotting what I’ll do with it.

Great job Secret Pal, I love it all. Thank you!

In other blog news… I’ve posted four new swatches to the Walker Treasure Project using the new colors for Project Spectrum 2.0.  You can see the details on the WTP site but here are thumbnails showing the colors:
Twin Leaf LacePersian LaceTraveling Ribbed EyeletKing Charles Brocade

I love these colors. They’re so fresh and spring-like. I’m getting the urge to start a lacey spring cardigan. Can I restrain myself? Not likely. I’ve got some hot pink Jaeger Trinity in my stash that would fit the bill nicely. Time to get out the graph paper.

jujuridl said:

The yarn is amazing. I would suggest wearing these socks on your hands, so you can get a better look at them throughout the day.

I was debating making armwarmers with this yarn for just that reason. But my feet deserve a treat too. Also, I think this was Sarah’s first attempt and sock yarn and I wanted to test it out. I’ll just have to put my feet up a lot so I can look at them.

Sarah said:

Love the new blog colors — I like this shade of green. And I am glad to see you’re enjoying the handspun!

Come on, tell the truth. Is there a shade of green you don’t like? This is a very cheerful green though isn’t it?

I am enjoying your handspun – a lot! It’s knitting up into a nice firm fabric which should wear well. The plies are staying plied – no splitting or other irritants and of course the color is fabulous. You’ve definitely got the knack.

Your UK secret pal said:

The Capecho is wonderful!!! It looks like a cross between shawl and shrug… is that about right? The patterning is gorgeous, and such a light coloured yarn really shows off all the countours. Fabulous! Well done.

I am looking forward to the pattern for the mesh bag… I would like to try to make one.

Thanks for the nice comments and thanks again for all the wonderful goodies!

The Capecho is more shrug than shawl. Vogue Knitting labelled it a bolero which is almost right. There’s a reason I took to calling it “the … garment.” It’s neither fish nor fowl but it is interesting and a fun knit.

You’ve probably already noticed but the mesh bag pattern is up. There’s a link in the free patterns section of the side bar.

I think I’m going to like this Secret Pal thing 🙂



  1. Sarah said,

    Your Treasury Project swatches are gorgeous! And yes, there are a few shades of green I don’t love…not many, though. 🙂

  2. Ingrid said,

    Wow – those BW swatches are gorgeous! And I love the new layout:) Thank you for the great baby blanket square! I have photos posted of the finished product:)

  3. […] even better! By the way, I’ve decide what I’m going to do with teal yarn you sent last time. The current issue of Knitters magazine has a cute little felted bag in it. I’m thinking […]

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