April 1, 2007

Let the New Colors Begin

Posted in Knitalongs at 11:30 am by nephele

As mentioned last time, I’ve temporarily change the blog theme to go with the current Project Spectrum colors. For April and May the colors are – appropriately for spring – green, yellow and pink. This theme is definitely green, like fresh spring leaves. I also cast on this morning for my next WTP swatch using yellow yarn (the pink and green are waiting in the wings).

 Speaking of the Walker Treasury Project… If you’ve been thinking about joining now would be a good time. There are some contest coming up for contributors and one of them is only available to people who sign up and post their first swatch in April – no fooling.

Sarah said:
I love your idea of coordinating the blog colors with Project Spectrum — cute!

How do like this green? I actually have several little household items in this sort of green (like my dishwashing brush, and my bathroom soap dish) so I like it. There was a pink option. It even had pink and yellow flowers in the header but it was a little too pink. I had a bedroom that pink when I was nine. Not something I feel the need to re-live.

By the way Sarah, I started the socks with your handspun yarn see:

Just a simple toe up sock with a garter rib pattern. I didn’t want to compete with the pretty colors of the yarn and I do want to use every bit of it. I think I may have mentioned previously that I split the ball of yarn into two by weight. When the first sock is almost done, I start the second so I can make sure they come out the same height. To give you an idea of how much I’m enjoying this yarn: I cast on yesterday and I’m already halfway through the gusset increases.

Once I finish these I’ll have to pull out some of my pink and green yarns so I can do spectrum-y socks. There is a bit of yellow in these so they sort of count. They’d have worked even better for the early fall color group of orange, brown and purple but I didn’t want to wait! I’ve been itching to play with this yarn. And let me just say, half a sock in, I’ll be happy to give a good home to any other yarn you spin (hint, hint).



  1. Sarah said,

    Love the new blog colors — I like this shade of green. And I am glad to see you’re enjoying the handspun! 🙂

  2. jujuridl said,

    The yarn is amazing. I would suggest wearing these socks on your hands, so you can get a better look at them throughout the day.

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