March 27, 2007

The Capecho Has Landed

Posted in How To's, knitting at 12:42 pm by nephele

It’s done! See:

Okay, I hadn’t sewn the button on yet in this picture but close enough, right?

phoenix said:
Your capecho looks great. I’m dying to see how it looks on the model. I love the fit on the magazine cover, but have seen some people on the web complain about its fit in the real world. Is it knitting up the way you expected?

I saw some of the posts about fit too. I knit this using the instructions for the size small but it came out as a medium. This might be the result of using different yarn but I doubt it. If anything the cashmere was a touch lighter in weight than the wool the pattern called for. I used the same size needle as recommended. I’ve you want to make one I recommend carefully measuring you first finished pentagon. Compare the length of the straight sides to those on the schematic. If your pentagon is coming out large your whole Capecho will be large.

One thing I did to help it along was to ignore the intruction to “make the collar long enough to fit along the pentagons.” Instead, I had the intended owner try it on. I then took a measurement around where I thought the collar should sit. I divided that measurement by seven (the number of pentagons in the first round) and rounded down. I used those numbers to knit the collar. The pentagons were coming out 6″ long on the sides. The collar only allowed about 4.5″ per pentagon. I think that helped the final fit quite a bit. Judge for yourself. Here is the owner of my LYS modeling the finished (except for the button, still) Capecho:

I think she’s happy with it and the fit looks okay to me. So, would I knit another one? You know, I think I just…


Emilee said:
OMG, the robot monster is hilarious. When I first saw the swatch in the WTP I thought it looked enough like a bear, but as soon as someone said robot, that’s all I saw. Hilarious. PLEASE PLEASE share with us what you do. My sister needs a robot… something.

-snicker- I’ll be sure and post a chart for the final version. I need to make another pass at it though. It’s not quite there yet.

And speaking of posting patterns…

craftlover said:
The bag is gorgeous!
The colors are very attractive.

Thanks, it came out very sunshiny didn’t it? I can’t take too much credit for the colors though. The shop was selling off left over balls of yarn and they had a grand total of 4 balls of the stuff I used. I bought 3 of them: 2 orange and 1 yellow. I didn’t buy the lavender but that’s only because I didn’t see it at the time. So there you go, color design – just that easy.

dragonmommie said:
I’d love to see a pattern for the mesh bag. I’ve been wanting to make one for ages!

I’m working on it. I should have it up later this week. I might have done it today but I don’t have the bag with me and I need to take some measurements. Besides, this way I may manage to get a second post in this week.



  1. Your UK secret pal said,

    The Capecho is wonderful!!! It looks like a cross between shawl and shrug… is that about right? The patterning is gorgeous, and such a light coloured yarn really shows off all the countours. Fabulous! Well done.

    Well, here in the UK we have had two very misty mornings which have given way to sunny afternoons, you can really feel the suggestion of heat in the sun now. Our children are off from school from Friday for 2 weeks Easter holiday, so we are all hoping for good weather. If we get it, I am going to take my little boy (aged 5) camping for his first time!! Wish me luck.

    Before I get into the school holiday rush, I am posting your first secret pal parcel. I shall take it to the post office tomorrow… so about 7-10 days from now you should be able to expect some treats through the post. I hope you like the parcel, I have had a lot of fun putting it together for you. Please do give me feedback, as I would love to get things right and make your secret pal exchange a fun and happy one.

    I am looking forward to the pattern for the mesh bag… I would like to try to make one.

    All best wishes,
    your secret pal!

  2. […] of my socks-in-progress but I wanted something a little bigger. I was reminded recently about the Capecho that I’d just barely started for myself last spring so I dug that out. It was perfect, enough […]

  3. Beverly said,

    Hi, can any one tell me where i can get hold of the pattern for the gorgeous capecho that has been beautifully made. Unfortunately i haven’t been able to get hold of any vogue knitting magazines let alone the back issues! It’s SO frustrating. if anyone can help steer me in the right direction or even be kind enough to send me a copy (which i will cover the costs for!) I would be MOST grateful (and one happy knitter!!)

    Thank very much.


    Beverly 🙂

  4. Viviana said,

    Hi, i’m italian knitter, I would want to have the pattern capecho.

  5. Viviana said,

    Hi, i’m italian knitter, I would want to have the patter capecho.

  6. nephele said,

    For anyone interested in the Capecho pattern. You can know buy a PDF of it directly from Vogue Knitting. The URL is:

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