March 22, 2007

It’s almost a … Garment

Posted in How To's, knitting at 4:02 pm by nephele

Wow, I’ve been bad this week. Here it is Thursday already and I’m just writing my first post of the week. Would it be cheating to split this into two posts to keep up with my resolution? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Oh well, I had a couple of 3 post weeks last month. I guess it was inevitable that life would even things out eventually. My only defense is that March is a busy month where I work. Of course for that excuse to fly I’ll have to do better in April. Time will tell.

So, knitting… The garment almost is – a garment, I mean see:

The bit on the needles is the collar and the final piece. I did make a couple of slight modifications here. I didn’t like the ‘S’ bend the cable makes in the cast on edge. To eliminate it, I cast on 2 fewer stitches and then increased 2 stitches in the cable area on row 3 (row 5 is the first cable twist). I’ll decrease those two stitches before I bind off as well. The other change I made was to buttonhole. The neckband has an even number of stitches and the pattern uses a one stitch buttonhole. That means that the buttonhole will either be above or bellow the center line. The pattern put it above, I put it bellow. The weight of the garment will pull on this one lonely button a little and it will appear more centered. It’s probably a needlessly fussy detail but what the heck.

I expect to finish this over the weekend. I’ll try and get a picture with someone modelling it.

In other knitting, I made a first pass at the robot swatch:

It isn’t right but it gives me more ideas to play with. I’ll keep trying.

The weather has been a bit distracting too. Springtime in Northern California, it’s tough to beat. I’ve been wanting to go out and play all week. Maybe I’ll take my knitting to the park – not the cashmere though, that’d be risky. This is what I saw sitting at the bus stop earlier in the week:

Bright new leaves between a couple of well established palm trees.

All this great weather got me feeling green and needing to knit up something bright. I picked up some stray sale yarn at my LYS and did this:

Now that’s sunshine colors!

Sarah said:

Congrats on the popularity of the pattern! I knew it would be a winner. I’ve been thinking of knitting a robot toy for the little dude at some point (I was thinking of knitting a blanket, but then I was given like 15 blankets at my shower) — do you have any pattern suggestions?

Robot toys? I know I’ve seen some but I’m not sure where. That would actually be a fun thing to design though. Hmm, more ideas… 

Emilee said:

Those are great socks!

I hear you on the blog stats – 85% of my blog’s hits are from the same free pattern I posted in October.

In the end I got 303 hits that day. I guess I’d better keep writing up those patterns. Anyone need a bright little mesh bag? I made that up as I went but I think I took enough notes to write up a pattern. Next post perhaps.

Another thing that caused a jump in my page views was the publishing of the list of Secret Pal 10 participants. Speaking of Secret Pal…

Your UK secret pal said:

Hello Nephele!

I am your secret pal for SP10. I have really enjoyed looking through your blog, and reading your SP10 answers. Wow! what a lot of projects you have on the go. I have really enjoyed reading about your choice of yarns too.

I am busy putting together a package for you… I will leave you a comment or email you when I post it.

Being from the UK, I am not familar with some of the groups and projects you mention, so it is good to learn about them.

I will send more news in your package.

Your secret pal!

Oh boy! I’m a closet Anglophile so this is perfect choice for me. I’m sure I’ll love anything and everything you send. I’ve already started shopping for my secret pal giftee myself. I think this will be a lot of fun.

Next time: a mesh bag pattern and perhaps a finished … garment.



  1. phoenix said,

    Your capecho looks great. I’m dying to see how it looks on the model. I love the fit on the magazine cover, but have seen some people on the web complain about its fit in the real world. Is it knitting up the way you expected?

  2. Emilee said,

    OMG, the robot monster is hilarious. When I first saw the swatch in the WTP I thought it looked enough like a bear, but as soon as someone said robot, that’s all I saw. Hilarious. PLEASE PLEASE share with us what you do. My sister needs a robot… something.

  3. dragonmommie said,

    I’d love to see a pattern for the mesh bag. I’ve been wanting to make one for ages!

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