March 15, 2007

Oh, That’s How

Posted in knitting at 12:29 pm by nephele

I now know how to boost my blog hits. Upload a sock pattern then mention it on a sock knitting list. Works like a charm. My previous best day ever was 55 hits. Then the pattern went up and so did my hits. 224 views when I last checked. Now I just need to see someone actually knit them. Hopefully the pattern is clear enough.

Sheila said:

I love your version of Capecho. My LYS owner is knitting in a red-blue and her’s is preceding along. Your sweater is going to be awesome in cashmere! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Thanks! This cashmere is awesome. It’s probably good that I don’t get to keep it. With the pale color I’d be afraid to wear it much anyway. I just started the first sleave last night so it shouldn’t be too much longer. Of course my ADKD is a factor but the real reason it’s so slow going is that I don’t carry it around to work on. I live in fear of spilling coffee on it or something. That would be bad.

zeph said:

Your capecho looks great so far; looking forward to seeing the finished article. And I agree with you about the teddy bear – definitely a miss! It looks kinda like a mutant owl…

Some else saw an owl too. It really is just off. I’m not sure what I’d do to make it more teddy-ish though. It would almost certainly have to be larger to allow for a more rounded, cuddly shape.

Gretchen said:

I approve the sci-fi motif for kids’ gear! When I was six I demanded (and got) a set of “boy’s” pajamas because they had spaceships and asteroids on them. .

Sarah said:

Cool spider! And yes, I’m a sci-fi fan. Not as much as my husband is, but I can geek out when the mood strikes.

Ingrid said:

Yes and yes; I’m a huge sci-fi fan:) In fact, the only TV I watch these days is Star Trek, alternating between the many different versions of the show (Voyager, Enterprise, The Next Generation, etc.) And Battlestar Galactica. A baby blanket with robots and rocketships would be the coolest thing ever:)

Okay. Looks like it’s time to design a baby blanket or two. I’ve already got some ideas. I’m thinking entrelac. It’s still very much in the early stages though so I reserve the right to completely change my mind at least 12 times. Note to self: no more throw away comments about baby stuff when you’ve got two pregnant friends (kidding). I’ve done one robot conversion swatch already but it isn’t quite there yet. I need to tweak it a bit and try again. I’m also thinking about the rocketships maybe flying saucers too…

I’ll get some more swatches done and post pictures next time.



  1. Emilee said,

    Those are great socks!

    I hear you on the blog stats – 85% of my blog’s hits are from the same free pattern I posted in October.

  2. Sarah said,

    Congrats on the popularity of the pattern! I knew it would be a winner. I’ve been thinking of knitting a robot toy for the little dude at some point (I was thinking of knitting a blanket, but then I was given like 15 blankets at my shower) — do you have any pattern suggestions?

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