March 8, 2007

The … Garment

Posted in knitting at 10:03 am by nephele

I promised a picture of the Capecho and here it is:


I’ve finished the first 6 pentagons and started the 7th. You’ll note I put the quilt out to photograph this. Two reasons, first, I didn’t want it fading into my beige and brown carpet and second, just in that picture there is about $240.00 worth of cashmere – it does not go on the floor!

Pentagon number seven is the last one in row one. The next pentagon will be picked up along the edges of numbers 7 and 6. There are only 4 pentagons in the second row because two of the spaces, 6-5 and 3-2, will be filled by the sleeves. Once I finish up the Bumblebug socks and pattern I should start making faster progress on Capecho.

I posted another swatch on the WTP blog yesterday. Based on the response, this is the most popular one of mine to date. It is with me too. As soon as I spotted it in the Third Treasury, I knew I had to make it. Now that I have, I want to make it again. It’s inspiring me. I want to put this on a cardigan along with some sort of web motif. I could call it Charlotte!

The Spider

Isn’t it neat? Having knit it, I understand how it was put together but I still don’t understand how someone designed it in the first place. There is so much attention to detail and proportion. There are some other sculptural designs in the book that aren’t as good as this one, at least in my opinion. Some of them are near misses. Take the Teddy Bear for example. This is a great swatch, well knit and accurate. It’s the pattern itself that bugs me. Something about it always seemed a bit off to me. I think it’s the lobster claw-like front paws. It could be the face though. Probably it’s all of it together. He just looks more like a robot than a cuddly teddy. I’ll have to remember that. If I ever need a robot motif it would take much tweaking to put it over the edge. A baby blanket with robots and rocketships perhaps? I may have to make that. Sarah and Ingrid are either of you Sci-Fi fans?



  1. zeph said,

    Your capecho looks great so far; looking forward to seeing the finished article. And I agree with you about the teddy bear – definitely a miss! It looks kinda like a mutant owl…

  2. Ingrid said,

    Yes and yes; I’m a huge sci-fi fan:) In fact, the only TV I watch these days is Star Trek, alternating between the many different versions of the show (Voyager, Enterprise, The Next Generation, etc.) And Battlestar Galactica. A baby blanket with robots and rocketships would be the coolest thing ever:)

  3. Sarah said,

    Cool spider! And yes, I’m a sci-fi fan. Not as much as my husband is, but I can geek out when the mood strikes.

  4. Gretchen said,

    I approve the sci-fi motif for kids’ gear! When I was six I demanded (and got) a set of “boy’s” pajamas because they had spaceships and asteroids on them. .

  5. Sheila said,

    I love your version of Capecho. My LYS owner is knitting in a red-blue and her’s is preceding along. Your sweater is going to be awesome in cashmere! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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