February 26, 2007

Stitches – the Aftermath

Posted in knitting at 12:38 pm by nephele

Well it all turned out okay. Cookie decided she will be selling patterns – at least in kit form and maybe individually. So Margie passed all the order requests we collected on to her. We did take care of two of the international folks. One was the one who started this whole frenzy and I figured she should get points for asking first. Margie decided to buy for the list member in Norway on the grounds that she might have a harder time getting things any other way. The rest of the folks who wanted patterns were in the US or Canada. Cookie shouldn’t have any trouble selling directly to them.

All of which means… I got to buy stuff.


This is my modest pile of Stitches purchases. I bought all of the patterns Cookie had available on Friday (there’s one more pattern that she didn’t have printed up yet – so I’ll probably be ordering a kit from her myself). I also bought a bit of yarn and fiber.

My first purchase was actually made before the market even opened. Rebecca had purchased some yarn from Brooks Farm Yarns and decided she needed one more hank just to be safe. Unfortunately she had a class in the morning so she asked Robin to pick up the yarn for her. Robin, Carel and I were all working at friends’ booths so we had vendor tags and could get inside early. We went by Brooks Farm booth to see if they had more of the color. They were there getting restocked and set up for the day. They weren’t quite ready to deal with customers but they let us make a couple of purchases anyway. I decided that the new yarn Rebecca wanted more of would make a very nice Clapotis. I’ve been meaning make one of those for ages but I keep changing my mind about what yarn I want to use. I’ve decided now. I using this:


The yarn is Acero which is a blend of 60% superwash wool, 20% silk and 20% viscose. I bought two hanks in the Mobie colorway. At 420 yards per hank, I should have plenty for a nice Clapotis and at $17 a hank it was a steal!

Next up…


I couldn’t leave Stitches without any new sock yarn. I decided to get Lisa Souza’s Sock! in the Lime & Violet colorway. I listen to the podcast, now I can knit the colors.

I also followed my usual habit of picking up some lace yarn.


This is from Tess’ Designer Yarns and is new for this year. It’s Superwash Lace, 100 % Merino wool in 500 yard hanks. They had it prepack in color gradient bags. You could get various numbers of hanks from 3 to 12 (they also had singles available). The color ranges tended toward the bright and rainbow-ish but the had some gray and brown sets too. Most of the hanks were solid colors. I almost got one in  similar shades but with varigated hanks. Ultimately, I decide the solids would be easier to knit up. I won’t need to keep to a simple pattern since there’s no varigation mucking things up. I do plan to put all three of these together in a shawl. I’ll probably put the lime on the bottom and the blue on top but I may go the other way.  We’ll see.

I also picked up some Roving.


I wasn’t going to buy any roving but this color was so pretty and it was only $5.99 for 4 oz. How could I resist? Clearly, I couldn’t. This came from Angora Cottage. Despite the name the roving is in fact 100% Colonial Wool.

I’ve really got to get that spinning wheel. I’ve got too much roving for me to spindle spin it. The sort of time that spindling takes is time I’d rather be knitting. Anybody got a used wheel they’d like to sell?

Ingrid said:

I love your swatches – and the colors work well together. Very inspiring!

Thanks. I’m having fun with it. It’ll be interesting come April when I change the colors for Project Spectrum. This is going to be one colorful afghan.

Sarah said:

Oh, no! Hopefully most of them will come through with PayPal…

Well as you can see from the above, it all worked out. No one got upset that I wasn’t buying patterns for them and I can still afford to pay my rent on the first.

Spunk said:

I don’t want to spam or anything, but I think you might like this site. http://www.knittingpassion.com/ A friend of mine who loves knitting runs it.

Very pretty pictures to the right.

Thanks for the heads up (and the compliment). I’ll take a look.

Oh, I almost forgot. I finished the first Bumblebug sock:


I’ll get the pattern written up so I can test it with the second sock. Once I’m reasonably sure it makes sense, I’ll post the pattern here for anyone who wants it.


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  1. Gretchen said,

    What’s that yarn? Love the colors.

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