February 21, 2007

Someday Maybe I’ll Learn

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:23 pm by nephele

But probably not.

What am I talking about? I belong to a yahoo group that does monthly (more or less) sock-a-longs. I signed up last fall and until recently I’ve just been lurking. Yesterday I saw a post from a group member in Canada. She’d been reading Cookie’s blog and fell in love with one of the patterns she’s going to sell at stitches. She put a call out to the group to see if there were any SF Bay Area members who could buy the pattern for her. I delurked and said I was going.

So far okay.

The problem came in because Cookie’s patterns are really fabulous and the yahoo group has a lot of far flung members. Orders and requests started flooding my inbox. Stitches West starts tomorrow. Clearly there isn’t enough time for people to send me money ahead of time. Even if there was time, Cookie hasn’t finalized her prices. So… All the money I had to blow at Stitches is now going to be used to buy patterns. I will get the money back but I won’t have it for Stitches.

Looking at the size of my stash, this might actually be a very good thing.

If I’d just emailed the Canadian group member directly though… oh well. Live and learn – hopefully!



  1. Spunk said,

    I don’t want to spam or anything, but I think you might like this site.


    A friend of mine who loves knitting runs it.

    Very pretty pictures to the right.

  2. Sarah said,

    Oh, no! Hopefully most of them will come through with PayPal…

  3. Ingrid said,

    I love your swatches – and the colors work well together. Very inspiring!

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