February 20, 2007


Posted in Knitalongs at 10:47 am by nephele

Just a little progress report. I haven’t been saying too much about Project Spectrum but I have been knitting for it where I could. Remember that the first triad of colors is blue, white and gray? Now look at the WTP swatches I’ve been doing:


Notice anything? 😉

I already bought more of the same yarn for when the colors change after March. I’ve also signed up for more swatches since I’m getting close to the end of the first batch. Given the size of the Walker books and all the patterns in them I don’t think I’ll have any trouble stretching this out over the entire Project Spectrum time frame. When it’s all over I’ll be putting these swatches together – pretty much the way they look in this picture. That’s the main reason for always using the same yarn. I think it’s going to make a pretty, light weight afghan. Given that I’m in coastal California, light weight will be very useful. Once the swatches are all assembled I may decide to put a fabric backing on it to add a little strength to the finished piece. Then again, I may decide it isn’t needed.

I’ve also been working a bit on the Jitterbug socks in the bright charcoal color. I’m thinking once those are done I’ll write up the pattern and put it up here as another freebie (thereby finally justifying the plural free patterns heading). I’ll take a picture when I’ve finished the first sock.

Sarah said:

Being somewhere at 8am, even to hang out with knitters, just does not fall within the realm of my abilities! I posted the last comment before seeing you last Friday (which was nice, btw!) I love how the Beetons turned out — Silky Wool is good times.

Too early for you huh? Yeah, I knew that comment was from before. My response was more in the way of an invitation. I’ll probably see you at some point on Friday – meaning at Stitches this time. Oh, and thanks for the compliment on the Beetons. I’m pleased with them too. As much as I love Silky Wool, I wasn’t sure how it would work in this pattern. Because of the silk content and the way it’s spun Silky Wool lacks the sort of elasticity you’d expect to find in most wool blends. I was afraid it would fall flat in the ribbed sections. Happily, it didn’t. The wristlets stretch and hold just fine.

Gretchen said:

Just found out about your blog yesterday-  gave myself a crick in the neck reading it from the start forward!  It energizes me as much as a look at any of your terrific projects.  I’ll look for you if I get up to Stitches (funny how I got there more often when it was farther from my house. . .)

Hi Gretchen! I’m not sure I’ve seen you since I started the blog. We’re always at the shop on different days. I’m glad you found it and thanks for nice comments. 

Maybe having Stitches be local means you don’t have to make plans to go. Since you don’t have to make plans, you get distracted and end up forgetting about it. Or perhaps, if you’re busy you think: it’s so close, I’ll just go tomorrow. Next thing you know it’s 5pm on Sunday and too late. Just a theory. I’ll only be at Stitches on Friday, hope you make it there. Join us for breakfast if it’s not to early for you.


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