February 18, 2007

Almost Ready

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 2:05 pm by nephele

For Stitches West that is.

I finished all the samples I’d promised. The Noni Majolica Bag is all done, see:

Admittedly, I’d have felted it more. The person who did the actual felting was the shop owner who is keeping this bag though so I figure she must be content with it this way. When I make mine I’ll run it through the wash a few more times. Or, really, I’ll have my friend run it through the wash. I don’t have a machine and laudramats are both a bit risky and quickly expensive.

The only other sample I had to get done for Stitches was a pair of Mrs. Beeton’s. As planned, I started them after I’d sent the bag off for felting. Also as planned, I got them done in plenty of time. No real surprise there, they are small.

These were made from Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Deep Black and Madil Kid Seta in um… I forgot to write it down, sorry. It’s pink, orange, white and gray. The beads were all clear with silver centers.

I also finished up a design prototype. That’s not for Stitches but finishing it meant I got paid and the money is my Stitches allowance. Yay! More yarn and toys! Not that I need more of course.

I’ll be at Stitches on Friday. Shopping in the morning and working the booth in the afternoon. Some friends are planning to meet up for breakfast at the hotel restaurant at 8 am. A few of them will have been at the preview market on Thursday so we’ll all get a chance to hear about the don’t miss it items.

Sarah said:

I like the flowers you chose for yourself, and the idea you had to trail the vine partway up the handle. That will be really cool. Have fun finishing this Noni — maybe I’ll see you (and it) in person Friday!

Thanks. Part of the reason for changing it up a bit is to avoid doing exactly the same thing twice. I think the smaller flowers will make it a more usable bag though. Are you going to join us for breakfast on Friday? Hope so. The more the merrier.

Bronach said:

*cringe* Death by sock. Tragic.

But what a way to go! One of the fun things about these games is seeing how all the different yarns work up in the same pattern. The same is true of more traditional knitalongs but I haven’t participated in one of those yet. I really should. I might manage to get another UFO off the needles if I did.

PS. I added another swatch to the WTP, Fancy Chevrons.



  1. Sarah said,

    Being somewhere at 8am, even to hang out with knitters, just does not fall within the realm of my abilities! I posted the last comment before seeing you last Friday (which was nice, btw!) I love how the Beetons turned out — Silky Wool is good times.

  2. Gretchen said,

    Just found out about your blog yesterday- gave myself a crick in the neck reading it from the start forward! It energizes me as much as a look at any of your terrific projects. I’ll look for you if I get up to Stitches (funny how I got there more often when it was farther from my house. . .)

  3. craftlover said,

    The bag is gorgeous!
    The colors are very attractive. 🙂

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