February 14, 2007

Death Becomes Her – Twice!

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 11:14 am by nephele

Yup, my career as a knitting killer has once again been cut short. I received these in the mail:
This comfy pair of socks knocked me out of Death by Socks, round 1. On the plus side they’re a color I definitely use and there made from Opal Cotton which is a yarn I don’t have in my sock stash. I’ve got one ball of the wool Opal but no cotton. This will give me a chance to see how this yarn wears. That’s really the reason for wanting to try every sock yarn out there. I want to see how they well they wear and how they are to knit with. If these wear well I’ll have to get some more to check on its knitablity.

My sock death was so sudden I’d only managed to add about an inch to these:
They’re on their way to my killer now. These socks will have passed through the hands of at least five knitters before they reach their target.

So that’s death number one. Death number two is a little messier.

My Headgames killer mailed a finished hat to me on January 29th. It was coming from inside the USA via standard first class mail. It should have been here by now. It isn’t. Since the assassin did everything right, I didn’t want to penalize her. I also didn’t want there to be any hint on impropriaty (I’m assisting the organizer of Headgames), so I went ahead and called myself dead. I still hope that the hat will show up but I didn’t want to leave the game hanging. It’s down to the last three knitters and there should be a winner soon.

Ingrid said:

I love your swatches – they’re very delicate and pretty! Even the names are great: “The Cloisters”. I’m looking forward to FO photos for the Noni bag (though I bet you are too looking at the size of those flowers and the knitting involved. A foot per flower. My goodness.)

Sorry I didn’t respond to this comment last time. Akismet (the blog comments spam blocker) inexplicably decide you were spam! The nerve.

I’m liking the swatches too. I just posted another one. Several other swatches have been added as well. Slowly but surely the archive is growing.

Sarah said:

That Noni bag felted up beautifully — I love how that big flower turned out! Can’t wait to see how the one you’re making for yourself knits up!

I still have to sew the Noni bag together. I’ll probably do that on Friday after I’ve had the chance to go to the embroidery shop. The only strong thread I have is black buttonhole twist. Since the bag isn’t going to be lined – at least for now – it needs to look okay on the inside. Black thread doesn’t cut it. I figure I’ll get some green or teal silk to match the bag colors. That should look quite a bit better and still be stong.

I bought another Noni pattern. This one isn’t a bag though. It’s just some more of her flowers: the Mandeville Vines & White Jasmine Flowers. When I make the Majolica bag for myself, I’m going to use these new flowers to embellish it. That way my bag will be a bit different. It should be fun.



  1. Bronach said,

    *cringe* Death by sock. Tragic.

  2. Sarah said,

    I like the flowers you chose for yourself, and the idea you had to trail the vine partway up the handle. That will be really cool. Have fun finishing this Noni — maybe I’ll see you (and it) in person Friday!

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