February 12, 2007

And… It’s Parts!

Posted in Knitalongs, knitting at 11:36 am by nephele

Noni bag parts

Lot’s of parts, but they’re all felted now. As you can see by the yarn stick at the bottom of the picture, things didn’t shrink too much. But everything tightened up nicely.

Here’s a close up of the big flower:
felted flower

As you can see the holes from the quick and dirty short rows have closed up leaving nothing but a line of dimples.

For those who always like to turn things over:
noni bag interior

The inside of the bag. Yes, I did change how I was dealing with the floats about halfway down. It was a deliberate change. I want the bottom to be a little more flexible. The top needed to be more solid to support those giant flowers.

Coming soon: the finished bag!

Céline said:

Hiya Nephele,

I just went to check out the SweetSheep Shop… argh! What a treasure chest! Thanks for the tip  I always appreciate a good enabler 

As for the popularity thing… I think mass media have accustomed us to view popularity with “mass figures”, but those come from the fact that the offer (of TV shows for example) are relatively limited. Thus, lots of people watch a given show, but we know nothing of whether they love it, listen to it out of boredom, or if it just stands as background noise. As you pointed out, there are really lots and lots of blogs, with various purposes and profiles. They are more in the “micro-segment marketing” spectrum of things, if one wants to use these terms.

In this particular case, you have to take into account that the L&V and the WTP are done by collectives to sustain a whole bunch of people to participate into a project. It is not a fair comparison for an individual blog IMO. We go to different types of blogs for different reasons.

Personaly, what I like about blogs, is that I get to see and read things I would never get on mass media, they are more personal, and I have a much stronger feeling towards the blogs I like than towards TV shows, because I really have CHOICE and get a a feeling of the person who writes them.

All this rambling on to say, hey, those who read your blog really like YOU and it is more about the quality of the feeling of your readership towards you than about the quantity of your readers.

I ALWAYS am inspired by your blog

Pardon me while I wait for the blush to fade. Thank you. I’m glad you like it and I appreciate all you kind words. I do realize the WTP will naturally draw more general interest. The content is pretty much all pictoral and that has an entirely different sort of appeal.

I don’t really expect to get those sorts of numbers – not anytime soon at any rate – maybe in about four years after I’ve written a best selling book or something. In fact, I felt really good the day I logged in and saw that I’d hit 44 page views the day before (still my best day). It was more about being tired and depressed (which turned out to be the start of a bought of flu). I’m better now, sick, but not depressed and your comments helped – not with the sick part but we can’t have everything.

Ingrid said:

I second that. To use a TV analogy, “News Radio”, “Farscape”, and “Serenity” were woefully unpopular in the ratings, but brilliant and developed a loyal cult following. Your blog is like Farscape: brilliant with devoted readers, however small in number (for the time being). That being said, I missed knitting this weekend! Next Friday I’m there with all my UFO’s trailing behind me:)

Okay, more blushes – or maybe that’s the fever? See Friday, hopefully I’ll be healthy again by then.

I just flashed on an image of all MY ufo’s trailing behind me! Man, that’s a long trail.


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  1. Sarah said,

    That Noni bag felted up beautifully — I love how that big flower turned out! Can’t wait to see how the one you’re making for yourself knits up!

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