February 7, 2007

Swatches Ahoy!

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But first – I finished another hat for Headgames. This one arrived with the brim finished and about 2 inches or so of the top so I didn’t have to do much. I sent it out on Monday via Priority mail. It should be taking out its target some time today.

Even before I got the go ahead for my first round of swatches for the Walker Treasury Project, I bought the yarn. As planned I bought yarn in colors to match the first triad of Project Spectrum. I went with a DK weight yarn, one of my favorites, Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool. Here’s what I got:

When I got home with the yarn I started in on the swatches. Here’s the first one being blocked:

And swatches two and three waiting there turn on the the blocking board (with swatch four on the needles).

I’m having fun with this. Making a swatch that doesn’t necessarily lead to a bigger project is kind of liberating. You get to figure out and play with the pattern but it never becomes drudgery. Since it’s just a swatch for swatching sake the gauge isn’t an issue. It comes out however it comes out. I won’t have to re-knit any of these on different needles to get a certain size. Granted, since I plan to put these together in a light weight throw I’ll have to try to get them close-ish in size but I’m already figuring I might have to crochet a bit of filler here and there. I’m expecting this to be something of a crazy quilt piece so I’m not too concerned. It may end up being rather, um, interesting.

Stitches West is coming up in a few weeks. I’ve signed up to work a shift at my LYS’s booth. This gets me in for free and cuts down on the amount of time I have to shop (and consequently, the amount of damage to my bank account). Naturally in anticipation of this shopping spree, I haven’t been buying yarn. Except for the swatch yarn.

sockstash 010

Oh, yeah, and that. It’s an addiction. Don’t they say that sock yarn doesn’t count? Heh. That is Sweet Sheep’s Sweet Sock in Turtle Run (on top) and Angelica (bottom). It’s all the Harlot’s fault! Back in that last half of January she’d mentioned the Sweet Sheep was donating part of each sock yarn sale to Knitter’s Without Borders. I followed the link – just to take a look – and, well… I own several garments that exact shade of turquoise and I loved the flamingo-like pink and black. I wasn’t planning on buying too much yarn at Stitches anyway. Well see how that goes.

Speaking of Stitches, the sample projects are coming along. The Noni Bag is almost done. I’ve just got one and a third flowers to do. I’ll finish that partial one today and start on the last one. As soon as the flowers are finished I’ll get to work on the Mrs. Beeton’s. I bought some of the new Rowan Tapestry yarn (oh, yeah, more new yarn. Hehe) in a rose and brown shade and some chocolate brown Kid Silk Haze that will turn into another pair of Beetons for myself.

Theresa said:

Thanks for pointing out the Walker Treasury Project – what a great idea!

Isn’t it? I wish I’d thought of it. I’ve occasionally thought about knitting a bunch of swatches from the Walker books but I never thought to make an internet project. With all the knitters and knit bloggers out there we should have too much trouble getting everything swatched up. So, have you signed up yet?

Sarah  said:

Oooh, the Lavish is yummy. That whole line of cashmere and blends is just so plump and squooshy. I like the Walker Treasury project idea — I’m going to check that out.

Plump and squooshy indeed! I’m loving knitting with this stuff but it does spoil your hands for the more ordinary stuff. It’s amazing how coarse a lovely soft merino feels after you’ve been knitting with a buttery cashmere.

Are you going to sign up for the WTP? I want everyone to make swatches. There’s more than enought to go around you know.

Ingrid said:

The Walker Treasury project swatch blanket sounds interesting! What does one do for knitter’s elbow? Epsom salt baths (I treat all my injuries with a hot bath)? I second the shrug love. It’s going to be fabulous:)

Yes, interesting may indeed be the work for it. We’ll see in about eight months when Project Spectrum 2.0 comes to an end and I get all my swatches put together.

Treating Knitter’s Elbow? I’m no medical expert, I can only do what makes sense to me. If you have an unusual pain, especially one that doesn’t go away or at least ease up overnight, you should contact your doctor. There are all sorts of medical conditions that can cause joint or limb pain and you shouldn’t ignore it. In my case this was a repeat injury so I knew what to do.

The best thing to do for any repetitive stress injury is to stop doing the activity that’s causing it at least for a few days. I didn’t do that – addict, remember. I did try to knit a little less but I couldn’t go cold turkey. The main thing I did was wear a brace. The brace not only supports the stressed tendon connection points but it also slightly limited the range of motion thereby reducing my tendency to overtwist my wrist. Since this overtwist was the motion that caused everything it was sort of like stopping knitting. It all worked and my arm was feeling fine within a few days. I’m trying to remember to stop and stretch and rest to avoid a recurrence.

PS: My first three swatches (and lot’s of other peoples’) are up over at the WTP blog.


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  1. Céline said,

    I am drooling with envy! You have lots on your needles and these sock yarns are just edible!

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